Fullness of Life

Long time, no blog. Let me get to it.

I was moved deeply by today’s sermon on Power in Submission. The gist = joy and the fullness of life come through surrender to Jesus…the absolute handing over of our ideas of what an abundant life looks like and saying, “Alright, God. I release my hopes for an abundant life, my picture of an abundant life, my dreams of an abundant life-I release it all to you. I surrender. I am yours.” (The mischievous side of me wants to follow this up with…”Do your worst.” Sigh. God has a sense of humor, right?)

The image that came to mind repeatedly through the talk was the moment of surender when I released my dear, my beloved, my Chuck in the wild hopes that Jesus really would be all he had promised…he really would be enough. Nice words in scripture, but how do they hold up when a woman madly in love with her husband says, “Okay, you can take him now, God” and God actually does it?

That release was the single most precious moment of my life. It was the moment God put on skin and stood beside me. It was the moment my greatest fear bowed low before my feet, trembling, as its hold was abolished. It was the moment my faith became real…that I jumped into the void and was met with firm, gentle hands.

That, my friends, is fullness of life.


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