Sweet Surprise

Phil Tessier is an amazing husband. My words fail to convey his true worth, but know he LIVES to serve God through service to me. (Dreamy sigh)

I barely knew Phil when we married. The day of our wedding, we’d known each other just under seven months. During those seven months, we courted…a different take on the whole dating scene. Our first kiss was during our wedding ceremony. Why would I risk such a thing as marriage with a man I barely knew? 

Ahhh. It was Phil’s character. The man lived out his faith daily. Really now, how many people do you know who actually LIVE what they say they believe? Phil’s the sort that takes care of “orphans” (aka troubled teens) by taking them into his home and raising them…because they are in need and he has “enough.” He has raised an entire generation of teenagers (now in the mid twenties.) He’s the sort that chooses to lives modestly so that he is able to give away more money than he spends on himself. He’s that sort.

So, there was Phil’s character that encouraged the leap AND that still small voice of God whispering into my heart, “Trust me on this one, sweetie.”

So I jumped. Best decision ever. I knew Phil would be a good husband-but I had no idea HOW good.

Thank you, Jesus. Phil has been such a sweet surprise.


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