Patting of Feet across the Floor

Due to our blessed pregnancy, we have a new house guest. Sometimes it is welcome, most times it is NOT, at least not by me. Nonetheless, for the sake of the baby, the guest is patiently endured.

Thanks to modern medicine, I am hooked up to a continuous glucose montior. It really is a remarkable blessing. It’s purpose is to keep my bloodsugars TIGHT…and when they creep up or down, the monitor alarms. It’s favorite time to alarm is during the night….multiple times.

Wonderfully for me, God has granted me the gift of sleep. Once my head hits the pillow, that’s pretty much it til morning. I know, don’t hate me. It’s a gift. Alas, as of late, I’ve been awaked by the slight sound of Phil’s feet patting across our wood floor. My protector keeps my monitor on his side of the bed. When it alarms, Phil jumps into action. He sleepily pats over to my side of the bed and checks my bloodsugar.

It’s amazing to me; the alarm does not stir me, but the soft sound of Phil’s quiet journey stirs my heart so that I awaken. It is the sweetest sound in the world.


One thought on “Patting of Feet across the Floor

  1. Enjoy your sleep while you can! Troy is 35, Brian is 33, Marty is 23…….I have just been able to get that kind of sleep a few years ago……….not to worry, it is great, but knowledge is power. 🙂

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