Me and the Guys with the Names

I was born Janet Diane Crawford. Simple name. Simple girl. There is nothing spectacular about me. I do not stand out in a crowd. Yet, God has smiled on me when it comes to love. I have been twice blessed with unbelievable husbands. TWICE. I know.

I’ve gotta say, changing my name to Picciuti was fun. I mean really, what a great name? It wasn’t long before I was given the nick name Cutie Picciuti. Again, soooo awesome. Along with the name came a fascinating man. Chuck Picciuti. Has there ever been anyone like him? Will there ever be again? That 4′ 6″ body was packed with personality, wit, charm, and audacity. Marriage to him was filled with adventure, fun, laughter, and PATIENCE. The last year and a half of our marriage, Chuck became my hero. I have never seen a person endure such agony with such grace. Oh to be more like Chuck.

Well how do you follow that? You don’t. I certainly didn’t plan on it. I had had a dream marriage with a dream man and I longed for nothing more.

God had different plans.

Tessier is the new name, though I decided to legally change my name to Janet Picciuti Tessier. After all, the woman that I am today was birthed from my marriage to a Picciuti, and the woman I am becoming stems from my marriage to a Tessier. My sister Kelli once asked me, “What’s with you and the guys with the names?” What indeed?

The number one question I get about marriage to Phil is, “What would Chuck think of  this?” First of all, his ego would be quite satiated by the fact that his death crushed me. Second, Chuck would be thrilled. I am living the life he would have chosen for me, though it is with a French man. (Chuck hated the French. Sigh.)

Phil Tessier. Is there any man as noble, as filled with integrity and faith? Is there any man who so selflessly serves his wife and God? If this is a dream, please do not wake me. One of God’s sweetest gifts in my second marriage is the way He has uses Phil to keep Chuck alive. Phil brings out the Chuck in me, the humor, and yes, the boldness. Who but God could have done that? Phil is a daily reminder of how much God loves me-to bring me a man who lavishes me with tender, loving care.

Who am I to deserve such blessings? Such men? Happily, I am the child of a very benevolent God, and for that, I am grateful.


6 thoughts on “Me and the Guys with the Names

  1. Holy cow, it is not enough to just click a “like” button here. Favorite post! I am proud to have known Chuck for a time, and I can only imagine what it’s like to know Phil from your posts. It’s such a great story.

    How do you pronouns Tessier? I’ve been thinking “Tessyay”. How off am I?

    Never reduce yourself to a simple girl. Jan, you are a dynamo, and a heroine to many, including myself!

  2. During our first exchanges, via e-mail, Jan asked me the same question… I responded, “It rhymes with Perrier.” Unfortunately, that didn’t provoke a pronunciation in my loved ones’ mind, and so became the first of many miscommunications.


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