Notes to My Firstborn Part 1

Sweet child,

I want to capture for you some of the memorable moments from your time in the womb. I don’t see me keeping a journal, thus this blog. Of course, I will do my best to capture memories and share them with you ad nauseam, as any good parent would. I’ll do this in segments, so as not to overwhelm you with too much information at once!

  1. I suspected that I might be pregnant when I had hot flashes. Your momma is always cold, so I knew something was up. Of course, being 40, I thought it might be early onset menopause.
  2. I waited all day long before doing a pregnancy test. I felt really foolish buying one, because I had wanted to have a baby for so long and had talked myself into thinking I was pregnant too many times to count.
  3. Before reading the results of the test, I offered this prayer to God. “Dear Lord, my body is not my own. It belongs to you. I offer it to you to do with as you will.” (I had been trying to come to peace with the idea that God might not bless me with a pregnancy.)
  4. When I saw the positive test, I was stunned. I went into the dark of my bedroom, laid down on the bed, and quietly cried to God in utter joy and amazement.
  5. I bought your daddy a funny card to share the news. He was sweetly shocked. “Really?!” was his response.
  6. Your daddy made me take a second test.
  7. When we went to the doctor to confirm that I was really, really, really pregnant, I kept asking, “Really? Am I really pregnant?” The doctor was very kind and kept reassuring me that I really was pregnant. (I am at 20 weeks now and it is finally starting to seem real.)
  8. The sweetest and funnest response in telling people was from your Aunt Kelli. She was so giddy and thrilled for me. “I know how long you’ve wanted this. I am so happy for you!”
  9. Your Aunt Shea was stunned. Her response was pretty funny. She calmly said, “Um. I’m sorry I’m not very responsive right now. I think I’m in shock. Hmm. I need some time and I’ll call back with excitement!”
  10. Telling your cousins Kyser, Celis, and Kilian was hilarious. Your daddy and I used Skype, but it kept cutting out. This is what the Coplen kids heard. “We’re having a ….. We’re having a ……We’re having a …..” On the fourth try we got it out and they ran around like crazy.
  11. Your first gift was from Stephanie and Shane Patrick. I told Shane during the first service of church. Stephanie showed up the second service was a sweet congratulations note and a pair of soft, maraca rattles.
  12. Your cousin Kilian sent your second gift. At the age of six, she wrote a sweet letter, which I will keep for you. During kindergarten class, she made you a cross wind chime. I hung it in your room.
  13. Your Grandma Nancy was 83 at the time we shared the news. You are her FIRST grand baby. Talk about patience. Your daddy tells me that she is probably making baby booties for you.

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