Chuck Lore

So, today is the fourth anniversary of National Haircut Day…or the day Chuck left us all for better digs. I could tell you what a great guy he was. I could tell you what a stinker he was. But I think the best way to share Chuck with you is through story. Thus, here are two of my favorite Chuck stories. I believe they capture his essence quite well.

An Unexpected Dinner Guest

One day, years ago, Chuck went to the Alamodome for a job fair. On his way to do his thing, he noticed something happening on the main floor. Chuck being Chuck, decided to investigate and rolled his happy self into what happened to be a Spurs/owners dinner, entertainment provided by none other than one of his comedic favorites,  Leslie Nielsen. Chuck figured he was dressed for a nice event, he might as well join the party. Not only did he introduce himself to Mr. Nielsen, he “found himself” at a table with David Robinson, Gregg Popovich, Peter Holt, and Red McCombs. Yes, they made room for him. Yes, he got a nice steak dinner out of the deal. Yes, he delighted them, I’m sure.

That man could get away with murder.

Will You Take Our Picture?

In 2004, San Antonio hosted the NCAA Final Four. One of Chuck’s friends, Ross, provided tickets for “the guys” (Chuck, Tod, Ross, and Paul) to attend the festivities.  At one point, the fellas ran into David Robinson, and an idea was born.

Chuck: “Hey David, will you take our picture?”

David: “Sure. We’ll get my son to take it for us.”

Chuck: “No, I mean will you take a picture of us?”

David (confused but gracious): “Uh, sure. Then we can have my son take one of all of us.”

So, this continued throughout the night. Every time the guys came across a celebrity, they asked said celebrity to take their picture. By the time they reached Rick Perry, they received this reception. “Hey! I’ve heard about you guys and was hoping I’d run into you. I would love to take your picture!” And apparently Mr. Perry is quite the photographer. He insisted on several poses of the guys.

All in all, the guys came home with some very nice photos…of themselves.

Okay, your turn. Do you have any favorite Chuck stories?


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