Faith of Your Father

You will discover for yourself how wonderful your daddy is. But, I want to share a little background so you know what a precious gift you are to him.

Your daddy’s faith is what captured my heart. Yes, he was kind. Yes, he was handsome. But kind, handsome men are not so out-of-the-ordinary. Alas, I had never, ever met a man who lived out his faith so simply, so…faithfully.

Your daddy waited 12 years for me, and 14 years for you. He wanted to marry and raise children. At the age of 38, he asked God for a wife, “Lord, please give me someone to care for. I so want to be married.” God’s answer was pretty clear, “Phil, you don’t want the wrong wife. Wait.”

So he did. In that time, rather than looking for a wife, he set about becoming a man worthy of the wife he wanted. He volunteered endlessly with the youth of Shavano, the little church right behind our house. That’s where he met your Aunt Tina and Uncle Glen. He took the two of them into his home and raised them as his own. Your daddy pursued God rather than pursing a wife, all the while, hoping God would bless him with the desire of his heart.

Twelve years later, God introduced me to your daddy. Seven months after we met, we married. Ten months after that, we were blessed with you.

Now precious baby, please know you are a delight to your momma. But it is my greatest joy to give your daddy the gift of you. I’m happy for me, but I’m ecstatic for your daddy. He has waited so faithfully for you. You will always be a reminder to me of your daddy’s faith and of God’s tender provision.


One thought on “Faith of Your Father

  1. I KNOW you have been an answered prayer for your hubby and am excited that you both will soon receive such a precious little gift – good things are worth waiting for, eh? Keeping your family in my prayers!

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