Just the Two of Us

Today you are 24 weeks in-the-womb! For the past 4 weeks, I have been able to feel you moving. I suspect you take after your parents, a little on the no-rush side. Your daddy and I take things at a slower pace than the rest of the world. You move ever-so-slightly from time to time. No zigging, no zagging…which is fine by me. It has been such a sweet time. I’m the only one who knows what you are up to. Every once in a while, I let your daddy in on the secret, “He’s moving.” (Yes, I always refer to you as he…and am thoroughly convinced you are a he. We’ll see.)

In any case, your oh-so-patient father is ready to be part of our twosome. I am more than happy to share you. He thinks he felt you today at church. You were moving pretty powerfully! I put Daddy’s hand on my tummy and his eyes lit up about the moment I felt you move. “Did you feel him?” I whispered. “I think so!”

I’d really appreciate it if you’d let Daddy in on our secret.

I love you, sweetie!


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