Note to Firstborn – Meet the Coplens

I took you to meet some of your cousins this week. You hung out with Kyser, Celis, and Kilian for the very first time. They all adore you already. You were covered in hugs and kisses. Kilian even curled up next to you and sang a song of her own creation. (She takes after your Uncle GregO). Daddy and I like the song so much that we sing it still. Likely, we will sing it to you for the rest of your life. It’s a simple diddy that goes “Baby, baby, I love you baby, baby, baby. Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.” Kilian put her face right up to my belly and sang it over and over for you. Hope you liked it. You also got a makeover, thanks to Kilian. She pulled out the markers and decorated my belly, just for you. We all love you so much already. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.


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