27 Weeks Pregnant

I am borrowing this idea from my friend, Melissa.  She did a weekly update during her pregnancy,  and I loved it!

  • Movement: Baby Love is not moving much, and seems to be a bit on the laid back side. Of course, this may change as the wee one grows.
  • Sleep: I get up only once a night. I’m starting to put a pillow under my ever-growing belly. It is getting hard for me to get up from the bed. Actually, it’s getting harder for me to get up from any prone position.
  • What I miss: walking up stairs without getting out-of-breath.
  • Cravings: Nothing really. Oh wait, I’ve recently discovered spray cheese. I can go through a can in a 24-hour period. My co-workers tell me this is nothing to be concerned about…for now.
  • Symptoms: My tummy is getting much bigger. I can still see my feet though. I cry all the time. No matter what Shea and Greg may say, that IS new for me.
  • The belly button: We have been on belly-button watch for a month now. I had seriously doubted my belly button would pop. Prior to pregnancy, it was a bottomless pit. Seriously, my belly button is DEEEEEP. However, I can now see the end of it! It has gone from bottomless pit to moon crater. We are taking bets on when it will pop. It has been moon-crater stage for four weeks now. I’m betting it will not pop until after October 15. Phil thinks much sooner…any time now.
  • Best moment this week: Last Sunday Phil and I worked in the nursery at church. Holding babies made me start dreaming of holding our little one.
  • Biggest challenge this week: I am facing my fears over being a mom. I worry I will be resentful of losing the life I have now. I happen to love my life just the way it is/was.
  • Size: the last sonogram measured wee one at 1 pound, 10 ounces. That was three weeks ago. A certain website claims the average baby is  about 2 pounds  (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with the legs extended.
  • My next sonogram is Tuesday, September 27.



3 thoughts on “27 Weeks Pregnant

  1. You look fabulous and I love this post! :0) Thanks for keeping us updated and for giving us some insight, I love it! :0)

  2. Aw, you are going to have to print your bloggings for Baby Love, so precious! And hey…he or she has already passed J’s birthweight so you are doing Great!! And you look amazing!!!!!

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