28 Weeks Pregnant

I’m in the home stretch! Todays marks the beginning of my third trimester.

  • Movement: Baby Love moved my arm this week. It was resting on my stomach, and my arm jumped a tad. Phil was also able to feel the baby move…once…this week. So that makes two times for daddy.
  • Sleep: I still get up only once during the night. However, bed is an uncomfortable place to be. I cannot find a position that feels right.
  • What I miss: getting up from a chair easily. It takes a little extra effort these days.
  • Cravings: Eh, still no REAL…”I’ve gotta have this now” cravings. I am liking cheese-flavored things…not cheese…fake cheese = spray cheese and the orange powder from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Puh-lease…no real cheese for me. (Not a fan)
  • Symptoms: My lower back is starting to ache if I stand too long. Also, my ankles swelled to the size of my knees on Monday. Okay, not quite that big. We had company Monday night and I was on my feet quite a bit. It wasn’t until my friend Jen said, “Good grief, sit down. Look at your ankles!” It was shocking.
  • The belly button: No way it will pop before October 15. I’m starting to think it might not happen at all since there has been little movement on the moon-crater.
  • Best moment this week: I can feel Baby Love much easier now. I love it!
  • Biggest challenge this week: I had a moment (moments) of insanity in which I started grieving the end of the pregnancy. Yeah. I still have about 10 weeks to go…I’m mean…I’m right in the game…and I’m grieving its end. Dear Lord, keep me present! Help me to stay in the moment.
  • Size: The Baby Center website claims our little one is about 2 pounds, 4 ounces. Of course, I think Baby Love is bigger than that. Wee one should be about 14. 8 inches long with the legs extended.
  • Next sonogram – THIS TUESDAY…can’t wait. I’ll have actual weight and length for next week.


3 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Lookin’ good, Jan! My belly button never popped out—did I say that before?? Will we get to play a “guess the weight and birthday of baby” game sometime? I grieved that not being pregnant time after the babies were out. I also had to let it go in little moments when it came time for me to say, “Really, no more children planned for us.” Do enjoy it every minute you can. You may come to a point when you’re not grieving that at all—your body may be saying, “I’m ready for this to be over!” But you’ll miss it a lot later, even though your baby is right there in your arms most of the time. God Bless you!

  2. Love you so much friend!! Can’t wait to meet this baby!!! Thanks for the update. So glad to see you the other day, even though it was a quick visit.

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