30 Weeks Pregnant

“He” may not be a he…just so you know. Phil and I refer to Baby Love as “he.” We do this for a couple of reasons. 1) We cannot bear to refer to our child as “it,” and since we do not know the sex, we just use “he,”…you know, like we were taught in school back in the day. 2) We both think Baby Love is a boy. Of course, I have no idea why I think that…I just do. All this to say, don’t let my “he” usage throw you. We have no real clue what we’ll get until someone declares…”You have a _____!”

  • Movement: Tee hee. I can feel him more and more. It’s magical to feel him from the outside as well as from the inside. I cannot get enough of his movements. Of course, he’s still…laid back. I saw my ob-gyn this week and she taught me how to count kicks. As long as Baby Loves gives me 10 “movements” within an hour, all is well.
  • Sleep: Oy. While I still only  need to get up once for the bathroom…I’m having great difficulty sleeping. This is rare folks…very. Because there is not enough room in our bed for Phil, me, and the 6 or so pillows needed to almost bring me comfort, I am now “sleeping” the baby’s room. Blessedly, Phil is now able to sleep in peace. Prior to sleeping in spearate rooms, we tried moving a recliner into our room beside the bed. I have a slight case of claustrophobia…and I got stuck in the chair. I was like a turtle on my back…which lead to panic…and laughter…and me “sleeping” in another room.
  • What I miss: Sleeping beside Phil.
  • Cravings: hummus, mandarin oranges (from the can)
  • Symptoms: Oh my aching back!!!! Also, my balance is a bit off. And heart burn!
  • Names: Baby Love has a few names…Sweet Pea, Henry (this is Amy’s in-utero name…just cause), Baby, Baby-baby
  • Best moment this week: I had a baby shower at work! I was so touched, because it turned out to be on an incredibly busy day during an incredibly busy week. Still, people took time to stop by and celebrate with me. I felt so blessed.
  • Biggest challenge this week: Stuff. I struggle with too much stuff. I like to keep things simple…minimal when possible. Well, trying to figure out what stuff baby needs is making me a little insane. Part of me thinks, “Bed, breast, diapers…we’re good.” The other part of me wants LOTS of soft blankets, toys, cute clothes, etc…How to balance the two?
  • Size: Baby Love should be about 3 pounds = head of a cabbage. We get a sonogram this Tuesday – so I’ll get an offical weight.


4 thoughts on “30 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Sounds like everything is going well – or at least, normally! The discomfort only gets worse… bub’s kicks can become painful… but it all turns out ok – in 10 weeks!! LOL Good luck!

  2. My niece pointed me to a picture I’d posted when #4 was born – and I saw your comment there (2 years ago!) and had to catch up on you. I’m hoping you have a wonderful end of pregnancy and birth. You do look great! I will keep you in my prayers!! -from the “friend from birth”. 🙂

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