33 Weeks Pregnant

So tired…so tired…so tired. I feel utterly run down and exhausted. Not sure why. I’m not sleeping well, but I feel so depleted of…life’s sweet energy. This week’s photo says it all. My kind husband suggested, “Um, why don’t you just skip the photo this week?” Phil’s so sweet. Yet, I want to document my growing tummy…and kinda capture this whole experience…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thus – the photo of me looking…ever-so-weary.

I visit my specialist weekly now. Tuesdays are my day (Oh, and I’m back to seeing my chiropractor weekly too!) This past week I asked my specialist, “How will you know when it is time?” You see, he’s the one who will call the shots…unless God has other plans. He said, “Oh, there are so many variables. Let me tell you this. Our goal is 39 weeks. You will not go full term.” So there it is, at the latest, Baby Love will come December 12-one month after my birthday! Of course, Baby Love could decide to come earlier…of his own accord. Please begin to pray for a safe, healthy delivery.

  • Movement: Baby Love is really kicking now. I love it! I saw a body part move across my abdomen this week…amazing. Oh, and during the sonogram this week, Baby Love’s lips were moving. Beautiful…he was just talking away. Can’t wait to see those lips up close and personal.
  • Sleep: Night time has become my least favorite part of the day. I want to cry each night when it’s time for bed. I used to love bed…sleep…rest. Bed has become my tormentor. I tried sleeping on our love seat last night and thought all had gone well. Alas, today, I am utterly drained of all energy. Perhaps I need more exercise? More protein?
  • What I miss: I miss the ability to just get up and go-whether it is across the room or to the store. If I kick off the covers – strike that – when I kick off the covers, it is a hassle to recover them.
  • Cravings: nothing really this week – could have been because Phil was gone and I didn’t much feel like preparing any food. I lived on grilled onions with scrambled eggs and lots of pepper, apples, apples, apples, and peanut butter.
  • Symptoms: HEARTBURN, leg cramps, a few mild contractions, and my feet disappear when I stand up “straight”.
  • Best moment this week: We had TWO baby showers this week. I count them both as my favorite moment. The first one was with family, and long-time friends. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by my roots! The second shower was with my Grace Point family. My small group hosted it at a dear friend’s home. It was a three-hour-come-and-go thing. Phil and I both enjoyed just hanging out with friends.
  • Biggest challenge this week: My attitude is pretty stinky.
  • Size: Two weeks ago, Baby Love measured 4 pounds, 3 ounces. We are guestimating that Baby Love is now around 5 pounds.


3 thoughts on “33 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re feeling extra tired only because you had TWO baby showers in one week, and I’m praying that you’ll regain your spunky feeling for the next week. I mean, even good things can make you tired, right? Think about a trip to Six Flags—it’s SO FUN, but tiring. So, Lord, send Jan some energy! (and then your stinky attitude can evaporate)

    Also heartburn—could it be all the onions??

    Start thinking about all the good things you can do in the night—read to your heart’s content, do some laundry, watch some DVDs, meditate on God’s word. Soon your nights and days will all be mixed up anyway. This wakefulness is preparing you for a new “norm” when your little one needs to eat every 2 hours for a time. And it’s just for a time—I get to sleep all through the night now!! (16 years later, haha it’ll be much sooner than that.) Embrace the idea of napping. I just pray you’ll find a comfortable position. 🙂

    Praying for you!!! Such an exciting time.

  2. Jan- I know you are so miserable and I truly hate that for you BUT just remember you will be holding that sweet little baby very soon and all the memories of discomfort will go away!
    Please keep us in touch with what the dr. is telling you and also know you and Phil are in our thoughts and prayers.
    I can’t tell you how many times someone here in Spearman asks me how you are doing. They all want the best for you!

    Keep Smiling!

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