34 Weeks Pregnant

I have MUCH more energy than I had last week. I keep forgetting that my body and I do NOT have the same opinion on what is a reasonable amount of activity. I think I over-did it. Of course not according to my way of thinking, but guess who’s in charge around here these days! That would be my body, with a capital B.

Baby is growing and doing well. This Tuesday we will get a weight. Baby Love is moving more than ever, but I would NOT call him a go-getter. Nope, again, if movement in the womb is any indicator of activity level outside of the womb, we’ve got an easy-going baby on our hands. I remember my mom telling me what an easy baby I was. She said I rarely moved about in the womb. Then once I was born, she could put me in one spot, and I’d stay there for hours…entertaining myself. So I’m thinking to myself, “Score! I’ve got it made. This baby is so going to take after me!” Then my Aunt Teresa reminded me of what happened once I could walk. I had a bit of wanderlust as a child…still do…but that’s another story. The deal was, from the age of 3 to about school age, I would walk out the door and follow…a cat, or a dog, or a butterfly, or a cloud for…miles, apparently. One time I walked all the way downtown…went into Allsups…helped myself to some candy…walked out of Allsups and was recognized by someone who PUT ME IN HER CAR AND DROVE ME HOME. Did I know said person? No. Thank God I lived in a small town. Needless to say, we are child-proofing the front door…just in case Baby Love truly does take after me.

  • Movement: Happily, baby wiggles from time to time. No super-duper, razz-a-ma-tazz type movement. Baby definitely moves more than ever…but movement is laid back.
  • Sleep: I’m rather upset with sleep right now. We’re not on speaking terms. In fact, I refuse to mention _____’s name anymore. I’m not evening going to write about ______. TAKE THAT.
  • What I miss: ______!!!!!!!
  • Symptoms: My belly is a wonder to behold. I really do love it. I love it’s shape and size…even though it intimidates me a bit. I could spend hours just staring at God’s amazing design. Truly, the body is amazing…but the pregnant body is something else. Along with my wonderous belly comes some pretty intense back pain…between the should blades, nonetheless. My lower back hurts, but is quite manageable. It’s the area between my shoulder blades that really bothers me.
  • Best moment this week: Discovering the blessed peace of the SWIMMING POOL. I got a season pass to an indoor pool and have gone every day since…happily…joyously…not only do I love that I am pain-free the entire time I’m in the water, I LOVE being active again. I love moving my body and getting, even if meager, a bit of a workout. THANK YOU, JESUS, FOR WATER’S PROPERTIES.
  • Biggest challenge this week: Living the rest of my life outside of the swimming pool.
  • Size: The websites say 4 pounds and 12 ounces. I find out for certain on Tuesday. I’m thinking 5 pounds and 3 ounces, give or take a few ounces.

My birthday is coming up! Phil gave me an early present-three rose bushes! These will be the first of many, to be sure. I have a thing for rose bushes. We spent a wonderful hour at the Antique Rose Emporium on Saturday. I have a rule with roses…3/4 of their delight comes from the scent. Tell me now, what good is a rose that doesn’t smell? In any case, we searched high and low for roses that were a delight to the eye AND to the nose. (Yes, there are roses with slight scent, or heaven forbid, NO SCENT!) We selected three, bushes which you can see in this week’s belly bump photo.


3 thoughts on “34 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I agree, A – DORE – A – BLE!!! So glad you “found” the pool, water is indeed miraculous! And I say a big AMEN to the bit about scent-less roses. The person who lived in my house before me planted LOTS of roses, but many don’t smell at all. Needless to say, they are being replaced.

  2. Jan, So excited when Jennifer shared the news about the baby. And I hope he/she does have your disposition ’cause you are one of the sweetest, kindest gentlest human beings I know. Can’t wait ’til Baby Love gets here!!! Love, Diane

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