35 Weeks Pregnant (and 41 years old!)

I turned 41 this week. Phil made my birthday a bit of a Janny-moon. He surprised me with a suite at the Menger and TWO HOURS at the spa.  Ahhh. It’s a bitter-sweet thought…this is my last birthday sans children. For the rest of my life, if God wills (please, please will it, God), my birthday celebrations will include a child.

A second, very precious gift from Phil was a portable clothesline. Note its use in the photos below. I’m one step closer to my dream of becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  • Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Phil got a precious moment this week, just him and Baby Love. When I sleep, I still sleep like a rock. One morning, about 3:30 or so, Phil woke up and put his hand on my belly. Baby Love was moving like crazy. I was none the wiser, and Phil got to spend 15 or so blissful moments just talking to the baby and feeling the baby move…without MOM being involved. I’m so grateful Phil has finally had a moment alone with the baby. Though he’s a good sport about me and Baby Love being so attached, I think he’s ready to spend some daddy/child time without the Momma. 
  • Sleep: This says it best:  youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbgyppGqBgg
  • What I miss: My ankles.
  • Symptoms: The skin right under my chest burns constantly. I read that it is nerve endings…the whole stretching thing. Not.Very.Pleasant. And because of such, I’ve give up bras. Yeah, I do my best to camouflage. What can I say, I’m more tactile-defensive than I realized! I just cannot bear anything touching me.
  • Best moment this week: Phil’s outrageously extravagant birthday surprise. You’d have to know how extravagantly frugal my husband is. Yet, when it comes to me, there is no limit to his outpouring of resources. I love that man!!
  • Biggest challenge this week: My feet swell like crazy at work. I try to keep them elevated, but I tend to get caught up in my work. Before I know it, I can barely make out my toes!
  • Size: Baby Love is a remarkable 6 pounds!!! Unbelievable.


3 thoughts on “35 Weeks Pregnant (and 41 years old!)

  1. The clothesline with the baby clothes is just the sweetest thing ever! 🙂

    I can’t believe Baby Love is already bigger than Kate was at birth. You’re doing great!! (And if you need anything this week while you’re SITTING DOWN and RESTING–hint, hint–let me know.)

    Cannot wait to meet your sweet little one!

  2. Love the smell of clothes that have dried outdoors! For my first baby I had only cloth diapers, and I always hung them outdoors. We lived in California then. We lived in some pretty cold places when the other two were small, so I used a clothes drier.

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