37 Weeks Pregnant

Wonderfully, God has granted me a birth that will fall between the seasons of THANKS and JOY. How impossibly perfect.

This Thanksgiving found me a bit melancholy…and by a bit, I mean I wept most of the day, between moments of sweet celebration. One such sweet reprieve was our Thanksgiving meal. Phil and I spent this holiday lunch in such a precious way – with the Condrans – in their very first home. The “kids,” (25 year-old kids) were so happy and proud to open their home and break bread with us. I could not help but delight in their blessings. 

Nonetheless, I was incredibly homesick…I missed my mom and the traditions of my childhood. I missed my sisters, my dad, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my grandmother…my first home. I missed Chuck and our traditional Picciuti celebrations…my second home. I longed for familiarity and tradition…as I clung to my new husband and our new home.

I have such a rich history for which to be thankful…and such a blessed new beginning for which to rejoice. Thank you, God.

  • Movement: Because space is limited, movement is becoming slower but more deliberate. My stomach is continually morphing into new shapes. I am fascinated by it!
  • Sleep: Our generous friends, George and Christy Giamona, loaned us their super-duper recliner. Suh-weet naps in that thing! Of course, sometimes I get stuck on my back and have to call Phil to release me from the recline position. This week I’ve noted that my sweet husband lets me sleep whenever and wherever I may. Last night I woke up at midnight, having fallen asleep on the loveseat, in the middle of a conversation with him no less. I made my way to our room, and found ALL of my pillows lined up in just the right positions, waiting for me. I love that man so much!
  • What I miss: Comfort. I experience constant discomfort. Sigh…which often makes me think of Chuck and how he courageously bore his burden. Me…not so much.
  • Cravings: Nah. I’ve actually lost a pound…eating less and less…due to cramped space.
  • Symptoms: I’ve noticed a few stretch marks. Dang. Vainly, I had hoped to get out of this thing with no such battle scars. Eh, no such luck.
  • Best moment this week: Visiting the nursery at the hospital. We took a tour of the labor/delivery/postpartum sections of Methodist this week. I was mesmerized by the sweet, tiny bundles and CANNOT WAIT to meet our sweet, tiny bundle.
  • Biggest challenge this week: Discovering that a c-section may be necessary…and releasing my expectations. “Safe and healthy delivery” has become my mantra.
  • Size: If calculations are correct, Baby Love  should be 7 pounds this week. We will find out a “definite” weight this Tuesday.
  • What’s new: Tee hee – we received our cloth diapers. We signed up for an awesome program that allows us to rent a variety pack for the first 3 months of Baby Love’s life. Since I know virtually nothing about cloth diapers, this will allow me to try out all types of styles and brands and figure out which works for me. (Think SIMPLE and CONVENIENT). At the end of 3 months, we simply return the diapers , with an 80%-or-so refund, to be used to order the kind  of diapers  that we like best. Turns out to cost about $30 for 3 months of diapers…not too shabby. PLUS, cloth diapers have an incredible resale value for once we are done diapering…but I digress.



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