37th Week Update

I saw my maternal-fetal specialist today. I see him EACH week, but we’re getting closer…so the visits are a bit more exciting. Here is the verdict on induction for next week:

  • The baby is 7 pounds and 6 ounces. Baby Love is in the 70th percentile…so NOT too big. Yea.
  • Both specialists feel comfortable inducing during my 38th week (next week) EXCEPT FOR…
  • My cervix has not dilated AT ALL. When one is induced with a non-dilated cervix, one’s chances for a c-section shoot up 30%. (I’m still holding out…hoping…for a natural delivery…with lots of drugs, of course…so not so terribly natural.)
  • The doctor said, “We can induce next week if you want.” (Well, OF COURSE I want…but….)
  • I bravely replied, “I want to do what is best.” (Stupid thing to say…but I meant it.)
  • Dr. replied, “Since all is going well, there’s not need to rush it. Let’s wait and hope your cervix cooperates.”

SOOOO, tomorrow I will meet with my ob-gyn. She’ll check my cervix. If it remains uncooperative (towards ME…not towards the baby…and this really is about the baby), then we will wait until the week of Dec. 12-16 to induce. Sigh. Unless, of course, Baby Love plans on giving Mommy and Daddy an early Christmas gift and comes with NO medical prompting.

As for prayers…this is kinda how mine goes…”Lord, more than anything I want my will to be in line with yours. But who am I kidding? We both know I want to have this baby naturally. I release this desire to you. My body is not my own. It belongs to you. I offer it and my heart to you. Give me a willing heart… (and a natural delivery). Okay, okay…a willing heart. Amen.”


One thought on “37th Week Update

  1. Walk, walk, walk. Then walk some more. And when you get tired of walking, walk for 10 more minutes. Hey, who am I kidding and what do I know about natural birth anyway?? Lol. Hang in there sweetie, many people have natural births after induction. And…if it is his will for you to have a c-section, then ask for the glue instead of the staples. I highly recommend the glue. In the end, a healthy baby is all that really matters anyway. Oh, but how I still wish I could have experienced natural childbirth the way I had planned…no meds, all cavewoman style. Argh, what are you gonna do?? Here’s the bright side for you…you don’t have to wait until 42 weeks to meet your little angel, like I did. Your welcome for that perspective. 🙂 Praying that your prayers are answered and you never have to go to the O.R. Love you lots!

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