38 Weeks Pregnant

Surprise, surprise! It is Monday, December 5, and we have been admitted to the hospital. We are in room 20. Induction takes place tomorrow morning, 6 a.m.

I was sitting in the waiting room, awaiting my appointment for something totally non-baby related, when I saw Phil. I knew something was up.

“Phil? What’s going on?”

“Have you checked your phone, Jan?”

“Nooooo…”  Hmmm. Anyone surprised by that?

“Well, the doctor called, and you are being admitted tonight. You’ll get some Cervidil to soften your cervix, then induction tomorrow.”

Wow! I couldn’t stop giggling!!!!

We finished my appointment, went home, grabbed our suitcases, etc, then off to the hospital.

I feel like I’m getting a new puppy!!!!

Updates to follow.


5 thoughts on “38 Weeks Pregnant

  1. All of this is exactly what I did with Lucy. Softened cervix, induction. Very reminiscent! She was 5 days late when I did that.

    • Hmmm, I did this, too … went in at 9am on a Monday morning for induction, two weeks overdue. Slow going … then the doctor broke my water about 4pm. A couple of hours later, there was Dawn! =)

      Will be praying for you tomorrow, Jan. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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