Eden – Two Months

Our little girl is growing like crazy. She is such a delight! Her little personality is more evident. She’s a deep thinker and a bit of  a flirt. We love our girl!!

You’ll note that pensive look on our girl’s face. She’s so very, very serious. We’re hoping to see her silly side once she starts smiling and giggling. Also, note the blue truck outfit she is sporting. She’s about to outgrow all of the “we thought she might be a boy/uncertain of her sex” clothes. I wanted a photo in one of those before it’s too late.

At two months Eden:

  • weighs over 12 pounds – she may have reached 13 by now.
  • eats from 3.4-6 oz of milk at a time.
  • rarely goes by the name Eden. In fact, I often forget that is her name. The moniker most commonly used for her is Chooga Chooga Jelly Bean Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen.
  • smacks her lips when hungry…too cute.
  • has a favorite stuffed toy – her blue bunny (Peter Rabbit…he’s not blue…but has a blue coat).
  • adores her piano playmat. She lays on her back and reaches for the toys above her as she kicks at the piano. The piano plays a sound with each kick. She’ll play on it for 20-30 minutes!
  • has had two play dates: Miss Kate D.  and Miss Jocelyn Rose R.
  • can sometimes bear to be unswaddled. In fact, we’ve stopped swaddling her feet. If her arms get loose, they go straight over her head (just like Mama!)
  • snorts…yep, just like Mama.
  • will pat my arm gently while I burp her. It’s so sweet, it almost breaks my heart.
  • is holding her head up more and more. It won’t be long til she can hold it up as long as she wants.
  • can hold herself steady in the baby tub – which makes things much easier on Mama.
  • enjoys Baby Time at the library. Okay, I enjoy it. I suspect once she’s older, she’ll like it too. We sing songs and read books.
  • loves her bear mobile. It plays “Rockabye Baby.” Eden flirts with the bears as they dance above her. She gives them these cute sideways glances and grins sheepishly.
  • lets us know when she is done with her bottle. She loosens her grip on the nipple and lets the milk run out of her mouth…too funny…and messy.
  • grins more and more, though will not look directly at the object of her affection. She offers a coy, sideways look. There is one exception – the image of the baby in the mirror. She is in LOVE with the baby in the mirror and will make full eye-contact as she grins and grins.
  • is starting to explore a few toys with her mouth.
  • still has blue eyes. They look more and more like Daddy’s.
  • has had her first photo shoot – the fruits of which are soon to come!

This would be my FAVORITE activity…ever.


3 thoughts on “Eden – Two Months

  1. This time is so very precious! I know you are loving it and soaking it all in. Give her hugs and kisses from Fort Worth!

  2. That is the best photo of her sleeping in her favorite place!!!!
    Love this post. Brings back sweet memories of the early days with my little ones.
    Love you guys!!!

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