Eden – Three Months

Our girl is really growing! It’s so fun to watch her learn and explore. It seems she does something new every day.

 She’s starting to interact more, which is really fun. Eden has the best smile…which is not too obvious from this photo. Her smile is tough to catch “on film”. God has wired our girl for deep contemplation…the crease between her eyebrows is fixed…always thinking, this one. We adore her more and more each day.

At three months Eden:

  • is in the 50% percentile for a four-month old…or some such. At her two-month visit, the office thought she was four months. I should have suspected something was up when the nurse gave me suggestions for starting her on cereal…and she was not hitting the developmental stages. (I was worried there for a sec.) Imagine my relief when the doctor said she is average “for a four-month-old”.
  • has delicious, chunky thighs.
  • is developing rolls on her arms.
  • puts her hands in her mouth.
  • smiles at us!
  • talks to us! She coos and growls and clicks and guhs.
  • has become very adventurous with her arms – flailing them and batting at everything
  • kicks like crazy. She has powerful Crawford legs!
  • has noticed the dogs.
  • is madly, MADLY in love with her bear mobile.
  • holds her hands at her chest – so precious.
  • blows spit bubbles – too funny.
  • is sleeping through the night!!!!
  • has started sucking her burp rag – weird.
  • grins with her whole body.
  • grins and wiggles when we come to get her from her nap.
  • has a sweet nap-time ritual. I lay her down, turn on her music, and ask, “Where is Eden?” as I wave her blanket up over her and bring it to rest over her face. I pull it back to find a grinning girl. It’s tough to leave her there for her nap…she’s so adorable.
  • has the most adorable, chubby cheeks!
  • is holding her head up.
  • has a cute mealtime ritual. When I put the bib or burp cloth under her chin, she does a giddy little dance…so excited to eat!
  • completely fills the changing area of her pack and play. She used to have plenty of head and leg room. Now she barely fits in the space.
  • is perfectly content to sit and ponder life. She’s such a sweet girl. We think she will be a great philosopher.

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