Eden – Four Months

Our girl is growing and developing so quickly. It seems she does a new trick every day! While everything she does is thrilling to us, she takes it all in stride. That’s our girl; you really can’t ruffle her feathers…too much. (Thank you, God!!!)

Going, going...

 At four months Eden:

  • weighs over 15 pounds. Every inch of her is yummy.
  • talks to herself.
  • really enjoys Baby Hour at the library. She’s been going since she was five-weeks-old. Now she grins when we sing and play.
  • likes the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” She grins every time I sing it.
  • knows when it is time to eat. We have begun signing “milk” to her…alas, it is the burp rag that clues her in to dinner time!
  • struggles with the start of feeding time. I think it’s because she gets so excited. Sometimes she cries when she takes the bottle…sometimes she chokes…it typically takes three tries for her to settle in and eat…then watch out!
  • smiles at us. She must think her parents are nuts. When we are both home, we race to her crib and peer over the top at our adorable, grinning girl.
  • giggles!!!!! (This is my favorite. At this point, it is still a rare event.)
  • sticks out her tongue.
  • sucks on her hands when she gets sleepy. If my cheek or chin is closer than her hand, she sucks on me.
  • puts everything in her mouth.
  • gets a little fussy when she’s bored.
  • cries (ever so slightly) when she’s sleepy.
  • likes to kick, kick, kick.
  • can stay on her tummy for up to 5 minutes, which is a huge improvement.
  • can pull herself up on her forearms.
  • joins us for breakfast in the morning. We put her in her Bumbo seat. She loves to sit upright and look around the room.
  • jumps in her Johnny Jump Up (well, sorta. She’s in the beginning stages of jumping.)
  • had her first spoonful of…well…anything. It was just water. Still, she’s navigated a spoon.
  • splashes in the bathtub. Think it is foolish to encourage such behavior? I’m sure it won’t be so cute when she’s five.

I’m adding a new section to Eden’s development, and that’s my development. I’m hitting milestones right along with Eden.

At four months, I:

  • live to see Eden smile.
  • race Phil to see who can get to Eden’s crib first. Sometimes…most times…Phil lets me win.
  • feel like I might be getting the hang of things.
  • still do not feel like a mom. I no longer feel like a baby sitter, which is an improvement. I guess I feel like a nanny. Maybe once Eden calls me “Mama” things will change!
  • can run errands with Eden without having an anxiety attack.
  • dislike using a stroller. It makes me feel distant from my girl. (I know…) I like to “wear her” for walks, errands, etc.
  • enjoy a weekly date night with Phil. I can do dinner or a movie…but not both…too much time away!
  • am taking a leadership class on Friday mornings…to be with adults and invest in my parenting…and other aspects of leading an intentional life.
  • still feel oh-so-frumpy. Blah. All…yes…ALL the mommies at Baby Hour are so young, hip, and cute. I feel like Farmer Franny around them. Sigh.
  • am very close to pre-pregnancy weight…but have grown a dress size. How did that happen??? Not fair, not fair. Oh wait…I have Eden…totally worth it.
  • am still not writing like I had hoped.
  • am embracing the stay-at-home-mommy life.
  • have weekly play dates. This has greatly enhanced my sanity.

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