Eden – Five Months

Eden could not be any more fun…this MUST be the best, best, BEST age. I hear it on good authority (Mom Picciuti), that each age/stage promises just as much fun. WOW. Life from here on out is gonna be grand!

At five months Eden:

  • can grab a toy of her own choosing and bring it to her mouth. Somewhere along the way she must have discovered her hands. However, we did not observe “the moment” when she stared at them and went, “Hey. These are hands. And their mine. Nifty.”
  • has discovered her feet! She’s sucked on a toe a time or two. LOVE to watch her grab her feet.
  • laughs it up big time. Sometimes she gives us fake laughs, which are just as much fun as the real deal.
  • squeals like a dolphin. Seriously…like a dolphin…or Daryl Hannah in Splash. I think this is an indication of her brilliance. Dolphins are known for their intelligence!
  • is eating rice cereal. She is a champ eater! She has taken to eating with a spoon with no problems. (Next up, veggies and fruits.)
  • enjoys Baby Time at the library. She really enjoys watching the other kids…she’s a people-watcher. We go twice a week…two different libraries…cause Mama loves the library.
  • is not a roller…yet. The girl, though a month past due…does not roll from front to back. Eh.
  • recognizes the songs we sing at the library from the litany of other songs I sing to her. She grins when I sing, “The Noble Duke of York,” “Snuggle Up Together,” “Shake Your Sillies Out,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” (which remains her favorite song).
  • knows her naptime/bedtime schedule. I begin by singing “I see Eden” as I carry her to the crib…she grins all the way there. Then we play peek-a-boo as I continue to sing. Once I’m done, she turns her head to the right to look at her seahorse. He lights up and plays soft music…I punch his belly, then it’s off to dreamland. I love that she knows the routine and seems to enjoy it.
  • puts her head own on her arms to rest when placed on her tummy. It’s adorable. She’ll hold herself up on her forearms, then “collapse” to rest before rising again. (“I rise, I rise, I rise”…)
  • can do a tripod sit (for a very short period of time). She’s really working on sitting up on her own.
  • has incredibly busy (and chubby, chubby, chubby) legs. She loves to kick.
  • watches me and Phil carefully when we eat. She practices the chewing motion…so funny…especially with those cheeks. She looks like she has a mouth full of marbles!
  • enjoys sitting in her Bumbo so that she can look around.
  • is now wearing 6-9 month clothes. I actually got weepy putting away her 3-6 month clothes. Anyone who know me well can tell you, I am NOT sentimental about stuff…so this outpouring of grief came as a surprise. Ahhh life…we’re always changing…huh.
  • is still a champ sleeper.  She naps, and naps, and naps, then sleeps through the night. My friend Laura tells me there is a direct correlation between how much a baby sleeps and a baby’s intelligence. Our baby is gonna be BRILLIANT!
  • has a mystery hair-color. The hair is coming in more and more, but it’s hard to determine the color. Is is blond? Sorta. Is it light brown? Uh huh. Is it reddish? Yeah. Hmmmm…we’ll see in the months ahead.
  • has flown in an airplane! She did great.
  • has gone out-of-state. Granted, it was from the Texas panhandle to the Oklahoma panhandle. (Yes, I’m a Texas girl…but the Oklahoma panhandle has it all over Texas’.  Rolling, green hills, wildflowers…the roads stunk…but the view was grand.)
  • DOES NOT LIKE SLEEPING IN A PACK-AND-PLAY. We learned this while visiting family. My angel-sleeper did not do well. She prefers a pallet…and a mama close beside her. I slept on the floor with her all but one night of our week-long trip for those middle-of-the-night wakeups. (Sleeping in a house full of folks requires different tactics than sleeping at home…where sleep deprivation comes with the territory.) I won’t lie…I loved sleeping next to that girl. Mmmm.
  • enjoys being the center of attention. When we stayed with the Coplens, Eden was a star! Everyone wanted to hold her, pet her, feed her, play with her. She took it all in stride, as is our girl’s way…but I could tell…she loved it…and she loved her cousins Kyser, Celis, and Kilian.
  • has not picked up any new tricks from the Coplen kids…yet. As she grows, I may have to limit visits thanks to the influence of their aunt…turned mama. I’m paying for my raising…of Shea’s kids. What was I thinking…teaching them songs like “Scab Sandwich” and “Boogers”??? So much for “Jesus Loves Me.” Maybe Eden will have a well-rounded music repertoire…a little Jesus…a little gross, bodily fluid.
  • had met her Oklahoma cousins, Madison and Hadley.
  • has met her great-grandma Beck.
  • has met her great-aunt Janie and great-uncle Bryce.
  • has taken a bath in the same sink (sorta) that her mama once bathed. It wasn’t the same sink…but it was the same kitchen…and the same general location…just a new sink. (It has been 40 years since her mom bathed there!) Still, it was a very sweet experience.
  • has visited Hereford, Spearman, and Amarillo. She got a good taste of her panhandle roots.
  • has been loved on by her Aunt Shea, her Uncle Greg, and her Aunt Kelli.
  • has spent the night with her Papa Crawford.
  • is growing more delightful each day.
  • is dearly, dearly, dearly loved by her parents.

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