Eden – Six Months

Holy guacamole! How did we get here? Yes, you all told me that time would fly…but come on…this is ridiculous. I am as in awe of our girl as ever…actually, I’m as in awe of God’s sweet gift…of His undeserved favor as ever. Eden makes life so much sweeter. Much like Phil’s presence in my life – Eden’s existence is such a clear reminder of God’s faithfulness. Five years ago, I was spending my every moment fighting for Chuck’s return home…fighting for his comfort, his healing, his peace of mind, his independence, his dignity. God knew then…as He told me no…He knew what was ahead…. Such a humbling reminder that I don’t know squat and should just trust God.

Eden is growing by leaps and bounds! It’s hard to keep up with all of her developments. At six months, Eden:

  • has gone swimming!
  • has discovered that she LOVES swimming.
  • shrugs off accidental dips under the water…ooops.
  • willingly wears her full-body swim suit. (My sweet girl has such pretty, pink skin…no sun for my baby!)
  • can stick her tongue out like no body’s business.
  • blows raspberries with abandon.
  • has discovered her hands! I thought maybe she had just skipped the discovery and went to using them…but NO. I’m so glad we didn’t miss out of the fun of watching her study her hands…both sides…fingers spread…fingers together…hand up…hand down.
  • signs “finished” and “milk”…or at least we think she’s signing! Of course, she might just be playing …mimicking us…whatever…we’re thrilled.
  • notices other children. The first time this was apparent was on her playdate with Kate and Addie. Eden kept reaching out to touch Kate. Poor Addie got her hair pulled!
  • likes to be turned upside down.
  • is starting to “rough house” with Phil.
  • enjoys eating her fruits and veggies. She has sampled…in this order…peas, bananas, carrots, apples, green beans, pears, avocado. She definitely has a preference for the fruits.
  • still takes 3 naps a day…sometimes 4. I know!
  • loves books. She tries to turn the pages. We use the board books. I’m very picky about which books we select…because I want her to stay interested…the fewer words on a page, the better. She has two favorites: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Where Is Baby’s Yummy Tummy?”
  • can hold her own bottle…sniff, sniff.
  • is exhibiting a strong will…uh oh!
  • is taking baths in the big bathtub…sniff, sniff.
  • keeps dirt continually in her cute fat rolls. I’m always surprised to find where she’s hiding food…typically, right under her chin…no matter how many times she’s been bathed.
  • sips water from a cup…too cute.
  • is starting to participate at the library’s Baby Time…she squeals at the puppets.
  • gets very talkative when she’s sleepy…weird. She will be silent for over an hour…then when the sleepies hit, her tongue gets loose.
  • is turning every which direction while on her back. No, she will NOT turn over…she just scootches around on her back.
  • is almost able to sit up on her own. She’s done a face plant or two…LOTS of tears.
  • greatly enjoys sucking on her toes. She’s doing this more and more.
  • plays with her toes in her sleep.
  • LOVES her nap time/bedtime ritual of singing “I See Eden” while playing peek-a-boo.
  • gets very, very, very grumpy when it is time to go to sleep. I try to get her to bed before she cries…but it seems she’s fine…she’s fine…she’s fine…then BOOM…time for bed.
  • kicks the covers off…just like her mama.
  • takes her mother’s breath away.

2 thoughts on “Eden – Six Months

  1. I knew Annabel understood the baby signs when the cat was under the bed and she heard it meow and made the sign for cat. She was 6 months. I am sure Eden understands!

  2. Oh, she takes after her Uncle Paul! He gets very chatty (and thinks he is hilarious!) when tired.


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