Happy Birthday, Chuck

Well, well, well…you would be 42 today…and since 42 is “the answer to the ultimate question of  life, the universe, and everything”…that’s a pretty big deal. So,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chuck.

I know how you hate to have people make a big fuss over your birthday, so I’ll only make a small fuss. Phil and I just want to send you our thanks and let you know that you live on in the Tessier household. Yep, God has a GREAT sense of humor…you are living on through the FRENCH. Ha. I imagine each time you pass by God, you can’t help but comment, “Really? The French?” and He knowingly grins in response to your grimace.

Though you are not Eden’s father – you do indeed live on through her. After all, you helped create the woman that I am today…the wife and mother that I am. Eden’s personality will reflect you because I reflect you and she will reflect me…on and on it goes…on and on you go.

Happy Birthday, Chuck. Thanks for everything.


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