Eden – Seven Months

Eden is so much fun! We simply adore our girl.

At seven months Eden:

  • has made dramatic progress on her rolls. She now rolls from her back to her stomach. Note, this requires more strength than rolling front to back…which she still refuses to do! She learned this trick in bed. One morning, we went in, and she was on her stomach. Since that morning, she has yet to sleep on her back. Guess those days are over!
  • moves from one end of her crib to the other, flipping front to back, head to foot, twirling like a tornado. She gets a real workout when she’s sleeping.
  • is losing her bald spot, now that she sleeps on her tummy most of the time.
  • does crunches…or so it would appear. If we put her on her back, she bends her knees and raises her head and upper body just a bit. This girl is STRONG.
  • screams to let us know she is displeased. Hmmmm. I’m hoping this is a short-lived communication style.
  • wiggles and flips during diaper changes.
  • happily does tummy time. Now that she sleeps on her tummy and all, she’s decided it’s not such a bad position.
  • has started sucking her thumb. Erg. I am hoping it is a short-lived phase.
  • loves being around people. She’s a people-watcher extraordinaire.
  • is eating meat. I make her baby food, and cannot find any organic turkey. Thus, chicken has been her only meat. Go ahead – ask me. Do Phil and I eat organic meat? Uh, no. That stuff’s waaaay too expensive!
  • holds her “big” bottle all by herself.
  • smiles so sweetly when she wakes up from naptime.
  • has gone on her first camping trip! We went to Guadalupe River State Park. She loved the river and the nature. No naps, but she remained pleasant. She slept great through the night. Phil made three pallets on the tent floor…soft and comfy. We all awoke refreshed the next morning!
  • has had her face underwater in the pool. Her Aunt Ana was there for the big event. I think I handled it quite well when Phil suddenly put her face in the water…Eden coughed a bit and shook it off. Now she and Phil go under water more and more…and I remain calm, cool, and collected-ish.
  • lives in her diaper…no clothes. It’s summer and she’s a messy eater. Why bother?
  • loves her naptime/bedtime routine. I can sing her bedtime song upon walking her to her crib, and she gets all giddy. She seems to love bedtime.
  • soooo wakes up like her daddy…very, very, VERY slowly. I really have to be on guard with my perky morning self…for both their sakes.
  • enjoys playing with the blocks Phil made for her.
  • enjoys holding books.
  • likes her big girl swing. Phil installed a swing for her on our back porch.
  • does a mealtime wiggle thing. She gets a mouthful of food and wiggles her whole body in response. It’s adorable!!!!
  • likes to exert her strength when holding objects. She grips toys with all her might, squints her eyes, squeezes while her whole body shakes. It is HILARIOUS.
  • is wearing her cloth diapers on the biggest size. They are one size diapers = they come with snaps to increase or decrease the size. When Eden was a wee babe, her diapers were on the last snap. She moved to the second snap at age 3 months…and NOW…no snaps.
  • no longer needs to be burped. She can do that job all by herself.
  • is sitting up by herself.
  • adores her “Signing Time” video. I think she’s enthralled with all the babies that “talk” to her onscreen.
  • shows recognition when I sign milk. Sometimes she sucks her thumb in response. I think that’s her way of saying “Yes, please.”
  • is preparing to crawl. She pulls her knees up, but does not rest on them. She still rests on her tummy…might do a tummy crawl before a knee crawl. We’ll see!
  • does a fake cough to get attention.
  • still studies her hands with great delight.
  • enjoys playing with her tutu that Cousin Sharon sent. She like to play peek-a-boo with it. It’s very soft and fluffy, so she likes to hide her face in it.
  • coos like a dove. We can’t decide if it’s her own sound or if she is immitating the doves that we continually hear in our backyard. Either way, it’s a precious sound!
  • has the most beautiful legs! My favorite sight is seeing her legs stick out from under a blanket…they are just delicious…so strong, round and chubby…they are making me rethink my legs…strong, round and chubby SURE IS CUTE!

3 thoughts on “Eden – Seven Months

  1. This is such a fun time in a Mommy and Daddy’s life with their baby. Just wait until she starts talking! It only gets better.

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