Eden – Eights Months!

Eight months? This past month just flew past us. Eden is growing developmentally by leaps and bounds. Right now she seems really frustrated by her inability to communicate AND her ability to get where she wants to go! We’re just loving on her…taking deep breaths (okay, I am taking deep breaths) as we let her struggle against her inability to crawl and walk and run like she so wants. Aside from a hightened level of frustration (prayerfully, it is just a phase), our girl is still easy-going and content. We are so grateful to be her parents!

At eight months Eden:

  • gets giddy when Phil comes home from work. She grins and giggles when she sees him.
  • giggles and hides her face when we go in to get her in the morning. She’s not a morning person…but she sure loves seeing me and Phil first thing in the morning.
  • gets the sugar shakes when she eats something really sweet, like a banana. It is toooo adorable. She takes a bite, then shivers.
  • is a great eater! She tried some guacamole off her Phil’s plate when we were at the airport. That opened the door to eating things like smashed banana, potoato, carrots…soft foods from OUR plates. Such a big girl.
  • has tried some junk food…chocolate cookie, rice krispie treat, ice cream…all agree with her just fine.
  • has ONE tooth…no more letting her chew on my finger…even the one tiny thing hurts…ouch.
  • can sit on her own without my having to place a pillow behind her. The girl’s got it.
  • delights in Two-Two (our dauchshand…I cannot believe I just typed “our dauchshand”…I think of Two-Two as more of a buzzing fly rather than an acutal dog…much less my dog.) Anyhoo, Eden loves him and he is oh so good and gentle with her. I may get to like that dog…may. I certainly appreciate his good humor with the girl.
  • has visited her family in California!
  • attended M.A.D. (music and drama) Camp in the beautiful Red Woods of California. Eden is a fan of music. She was delighted to go from choir practice to band practice and back again.
  • taking shorter naps…still about three of them, the longest of which is about 2 hours. She typically naps for an hour or so.
  • loves when I sing a note and hold it a long time…fascinates her.
  • gets very frustrated when she sees a target, prepares to move toward it, but finds herself going the wrong way – she pushes herself backwards. Poor thing.
  • is starting to rock from her hands to her knees. Next step, crawling!
  • spent time with her Nana…not enough time…but a good dose.
  • learned to roll across the floor (while in California – at Nana’s).
  • spent time with her Uncle Jeff…not enough time…but a healthy dose.
  • visited the Pacific Ocean. She didn’t see it…or hear it…or taste it…or touch it. Perhaps she dreamed of it since she slept through her first visit.
  • has had her first bout of sniffles and congestion. Boo.
  • got to visit Steve in hospice. She growled at him. (Steve is the reason Eden even exists…wait, he said to be careful how we phrase that…Steve acted on a thought planted by the holy spirit and said…”Phil, you need to meet Jan Picciuti.” The rest is history.)
  • has experienced her first death…Steve Stoner. Alas, she will grow up hearing of Steve’s faithfulness and how his faithfulness, and that of her father, built our family.
  • her favorite toys right now = Sophie (a constant), her maraca from Honduras, her Noah’s Ark book (it has tabs that she can grab), her Pat the Bunny book (it is a softer material than her board books and easier for her to manipulate), her blocks, and Two-Two.
  • uses her hands to try to communicate…perhaps it’s pre-sign…like babbling before speaking? In any case, she has a couple of her own signs…but we have no clue what she’s trying to say!
  • is starting to blow bubbles in the pool.
  • loves the water. She’s definitely a water baby.
  • has been more fussy than ususal…teething? Just don’t know…she only has the one…with nothing on the horizon. Eh. Growth spurt?
  • plays “Where’s Mommy” each morning. Phil (stealthy ninja that he is) carries Eden into the kitchen each morning. They try to touch my shoulder before I notice them. They actually made it once!
  • eats Cheerios. She cannot feed them to herself yet…doesn’t have the fine motor skills…but boy can she chomp em!
  • recognizes the first line of her favorite book…”In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.” She grins when I say it with expectation on her sweet face.
  • really, really, really likes other kids! She just delights on looking at them, trying to touch them (and pull their hair…if they have any).
  • chews paper like a…hmmm, like a paper-eater. I struggle with this one…it’s so adorable BUT I don’t want her eating any books…thus, I sigh and remove paper from her grasp….okay, not always…sometimes I watch because it is sooooooo precious.
  • blows raspberries continually. It’s her favorite form of communication.
  • had her daddy all to herself for THREE DAYS as I went to a homeschooling conference. I barely survived, but Phil and Eden did great!

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