Eden – Nine Months

Wow! Time is flying. She’s NINE months already. Our girl is growing so quickly, and talk about fun! We’re torn between wanting to stop time and wanting to see what she’ll do next.

At nine months Eden:

  • is a bona fide daddy’s girl. She gets soooo giddy when Phil walks into the room.
  • makes several sounds – muh, guh, goo, dah, bah, ah goo…and raspberries galore. She can blow raspberries for hours. Truly. Hours.
  • drinks from a sippy cup. She actually does better with a regular cup.
  • sucks yogurt out of those baby food bags…too cute. She seems so grown up, holding her own bag o’ food and sucking it dry.
  • sits herself up. She rolls to her tummy and pushes up on her bottom…effortlessly.
  • sits and spins. She will turn all the way around on her bottom.
  • tries to pull up on the crib bars…and the couch…and me….and daddy…and anything this is unstable.
  • picked up a piece of potato and put it in her mouth. Such a big girl!
  • has had the following table foods: french fries (yuuuummmmy), crescent, bread, cracker, Cheerios, butter cream frosting, potato and carrots from a pot roast.
  • sings with me – sometimes. I will hold a note, and she’ll match it. She doesn’t always do this, but it sure is fun when she does!
  • can crawl – sorta – it’s definitely more of an army crawl, but she’s getting the hang of it. She is much more interested in standing…she wants to walk, NOT crawl.
  • is quickly and thoroughly frustrated by her inability to crawl well. She still does that cute thing in which she sees her goal, thinks it’s too far, and puts her head down in defeat. Only the thrill grabbing Phil’s glasses can entice her to try. Phil puts his glasses just out of her reach, and she’s off to win her prize!
  • has flown to Keller to visit the Picciuti’s.
  • loves Mimi and Gramps.
  • enjoyed all of her Picciuti cousins and aunts and uncles!
  • gets very frustrated with her inability to communicate to us AND her inability to move about easily. We’re pouring in language (signing, English, and even a little Spanish), but at this point she’s just absorbing. She so much wants us to understand her.
  • can sign “finished” and “milk”. Yea! They are not very clear.  Sometimes she signs “more,” which turns into clapping.
  • breathes loud and fast when she gets excited – huh, huh, huh, huh, huh. It’s so cute!
  • opens her mouth in a long O when she’s concentrating…and she twists her wrists from side to side…adorable.
  • loves to jump, jump, jump, jump.
  • holds her breath to go under water. She sits on the step of the baby pool and leans forward. As she falls into the pool, she “buttons up” her lips. Such a smart girl!
  • watches “Baby Signing Time” once a day….loves, loves, loves it. We ordered three more DVD’s for her.
  • is wearing her 9-12 months clothes…when she wears clothes.
  • claps in time with music.
  • went to her first swim party! Her friend Jocelyn Rose turned 1!
  • clenches her fists, her two teeth, and shakes…not sure what this is in response to. She doesn’t seem to be angry. It sure is funny to watch!
  • clicks her tongue quite a bit.
  • has mastered the fake cry…she knows it tugs at my heart and will get her what she wants. (Note to self…fake tears will not kill her…she is not in the agony that she wants you to think she’s in.)
  • has two teeth now, both on the bottom. She’s working on a top tooth. Thus far, they are coming in a month apart! This girl takes her time.

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