Eden Jewel-Our Treasure

Okay, I’m one of those who believe all children are blessings, and I’m well-aware that I may be a bit biased in this post. Yet, Eden’s story is undeniably a testimony to God’s faithfulness and generosity to two longing hearts.

First, there’s my side of the story. Though it is a distant memory, I was recently reminded of the pain, ache, and yearning of my years as a “barren mom”.  This memory came through the movie, “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.”  There’s a scene in which the couple have just been given the verdict, “You’ve done all you can. You will not bear children.” The couple walk into the elevator. As the doors are closing, a mom gets on with her little boy…nothing dramatic. Yet, seeing a mom being a mom with her young child who is being a young child brings such anguish to the couple. I turned to Phil and I said, “Oh, I lived that moment .” It’s so bittersweet…seeing life…the beauty of other’s lives…the life that you so want….seeing it play out in all its mundane glory. Wondering if the parents have any clue of the beauty of their harried, hectic, overwhelmed existence. Do they know that their worst day is your greatest desire?

So yes, Chuck and I went through years of infertility…all the doctors…all the options…all the hoping…all the pain. Then the hospital…and I saw God’s loving kindness. God knew of Chuck’s coming days-of the constant care and companionship that I so longed to give Chuck as he endured. It would have been impossible to love on Chuck like God let me had there been children. God knows me well…to give me such a sweet gift. Thus, my heart’s longing for children simply vanished…the longing was replaced with a sweet peace and knowledge that God lovingly prepares the way for us.

Fast forward to a new life with Phil. My heart for a child started to thump a bit…once more…but I took solace and hope in remembering God’s kindness to me concerning children. Phil and I could and would love on children, though I did not anticipate us bearing any. I did not think that I could…years of trying…and final surrender. Imagine my joy and shock upon learning we were pregnant! I remember my prayer prior to reading the pregnancy test…”Lord, my body is not my own. It belongs to you. Do with it what you will.” Tee hee…our wills were perfectly aligned.

Then, my beloved Phil…who waited and waited. His story is every bit as intricate and anguished. But that’s his story to tell. Know this, Eden is a ridiculously sweet answer to prayer. Ridiculous.


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