Eden – Ten Months

As is obvious from the photos, Eden is so fun! We thoroughly enjoy life with this sweet, funny, curious, serious, delightful girl. She is discovering the world around her, and it is such an honor to be her tour guide.

At ten months Eden:

  • waves goodbye.
  • signs “finished,” “more,” and “where.”
  • loves “d” words. We expect her first spoken word to be “dah dah” OR “dawhg.”
  • crawls from room to room with ease. At the beginning of this month, she was whimpering if she had to “crawl” three paces. Her crawls were in the army fashion…then she graduated to a crab crawl. Bingo, bango…she’s got the full-on crawl DOWN. However, she wants to walk, so occasionally she’ll put one knee forward, then a foot, then a knee, then a foot.
  • she often rises up to her knees.
  • is multi-lingual…okay, sorta. She’s being fed English, American Sign Language, and Spanish. She is fluent in dolphin. Can’t wait to take her to Sea World and watch her interact with “her people”.
  • has given her first high-five. It went to Mr. Noah Brouse.
  • visited Albuquerque.
  • learned that she adores the Brouse family. She fell in love with having older siblings. Phil and I wish we could make an older sibling for her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
  • received her first two upper teeth…first the left, then the right. Her smile is so cute. Sigh…I’ll miss the gummy one though.
  • is a slobber girl…we think she has two more teeth coming in…on the top.
  • met the beautiful and talented Edie Guess. (It saddened me to realize that Eden is completely unfamiliar with wheelchairs. At her age, both Kyser and Celis thrilled to the rides of their Uncle Chuck. Eden has never had the pleasure. Sigh.)
  • is enduring her first runny nose…sweetly, as is her way. We’re not sure if it’s allergies or a cold. My bet is allergies, as she rubs her eyes as well. Poor girl.
  • loves books…to “read” and also to chew.
  • no longer needs me at story hour. She begins in my lap. That lasts about 0.2 seconds. She crawls off of me…and away…and does NOT look back. Seriously, one day it was 20 MINUTES before she looked for me. Sigh. Happily, when she saw me, she grinned and crawled over to see what I was up to.
  • loves people…she lights up around a crowd.
  • takes two naps…on most days. She takes a two-hour nap in the morning, and a two-hour nap in the afternoon. If her naps are short, say because her mother wakes her up early to go to story hour, she gets a third cat nap in later in the day.
  • knows her naptime routine. I sing “I see Eden,” she readily lays down, reaches for her pink bear and pulls up her blanket. She looks at me so sweetly as if to say, “Ahhh, naptime!”
  • has mastered the eating of Cheerios…we call them Cheerio-dios. Anyhoo, she feeds herself all the Cheerios she can fit into her mouth.
  • is a delight in the morning. No, she is not a morning person, but our morning ritual is so sweet. Phil and I go in at 7:00. She’s typically awake, sitting up in her crib, just waiting for us. We giggle a bit, then Phil picks her up. We snuggle on her bed for about 15 minutes. She’s so sweet and giggly in the morning! Then Phil changes the diaper while I head to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. Phil and Eden play “Where’s Mommy.” Phil signs “where’s mommy” as they hunt for me. I pretend I don’t see them…until they reach me. Eden touches my shoulder and I act surprised. Sooo cute and fun!
  • takes two walks a day…now that the weather is pleasant. We take an early morning walk and a late afternoon walk.
  • has visited the pumpkin patch near our house. The Methodist church around the corner hosts a big pumpkin patch. We spent an hour there just crawling around and exploring. We plan to visit frequently.
  • spends Wednesday mornings with Phil. I have joined the children’s ministry team at church. We meet Wednesday morning from 9-noon. Phil is able to “work” from home and keep an eye on Eden. Blessedly, she sleeps from 9-11 or so. I’m grateful Phil is able to work and spend time with our girl each Wednesday.
  • has eaten her first piece of cake. She’s a big fan!
  • enjoyed National Night Out. Unfortunately, she encountered her first splinter there. Phil and I let her crawl around on a wooden deck…which was not sanded, as we came to discover the next day. Poor girl…but she never complained or whined…even when Phil pulled the splinter out of her heel.
  • shows signs of perfectionism…she frustrates easily if something is “too hard”.  I’ve started praying Romans 5:3-4 over her…”We glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Blessedly, she has a great model for perseveance…Phil.
  • loves dogs. Our big dog, Bailey, is her favorite. Bailey is a gentle giant, for the most part. Though we are teaching Eden “gentle,” she often has a death grip on Bailey before I can reach them. Our little dog, Two-Two, kisses all over Eden. Blek. Eden loves it though.
  • has a new favorite toy – Bailey’s kennel door. She just loves to open and close it…over and over and over.
  • pulls up frequently! It is so exciting to watch her develop.
  • loves her swing. She giggles with utter glee.
  • has had a couple of night mares. Yucky. Classical music calms her.
  • understands “no, no,” though she doesn’t seem to realize that it has permanence.

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