And We’re Off!

Well, we finally hit the exhausting stage of pre-toddler-hood that I kept hearing about. It came upon us so suddenly! Yesterday was the big day…I went to sleep at 7…totally exhausted.  I had no idea how many times in a single day I could say, “No-no, baby.” It made me think…”Good grief, what CAN she do???” For some crazy reason, she’s not enticed by the things that are allowable and safe (or at least clean)…only the no-no’s…the mess makers!  That stinker! Shea told me to get used to wanting to hug and kiss Eden one second and spank her the next.

Though people warned me about this stage, I kept thinking, “Naaah, not our laid back girl. She’ll never be ‘all over the place.'” Well, she’s all over the place…looking in every nook and cranny…wanting to touch absolutely everything…and putting most of her discoveries in her mouth.

Today has been much better…now that I know what I’m up against…curious baby vs exhausted mommy. We “simply” created a safe space, switched gears, and have provided lots of “safe” opportunities for Eden to dig into and throw and generally destroy! It’s been fun…really, really fun.  It doesn’t hurt that I enjoy a good adventure…and have a deep appreciation for a mess…the more creative and gooey the better.

Bring it! This should be very interesting.


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