Eden – Eleven Months!

Holy cow! How did we get HERE? Eleven months? Eden? Our baby? Yet, it is obvious to me that our girl is growing and changing. This month has held some pretty breath-taking leaps from babyhood to toddlerhood.

At eleven months, Eden:

  • has two new signs: “up” and “milk.”
  • has said her first “word.” It is Mmmmmmmm.
  • says “ccckkkk” for the word duck. She has a rubber ducky she plays with in the bath tub…his name is Ccckkk.
  • explores freely. Whew. The girl wears me out.
  • loves the blinds and accompanying cords that hang from the window in her room. Phil made our first “baby proof” item = something to bind the cords up high. Each time we put Eden on her bed to play, we have to pull the blinds up…or else she will go straight to them. Arg. Why is that? We put them out of reach, she doesn’t even pine for them…but boy, if they are within her reach, it’s ALL ABOUT the blinds.
  • hit the jackpot on toy acquisition this month. I went to the fall Here We Grow Again resale extravaganza. She got a doll with lots and lots of hair to pull, a STRING attached to an alphabug…the main attraction is the string…oh how she loves strings, and a musical walker.
  • has two new teeth. That makes SIX total: four upstairs and two below.
  • pulls up on everything and everyone.
  • cruises like a champ.
  • has discovered the Clark marching band. They practice in the evening. Since Eden is such a music fan, I thought she’d enjoy watching the band, so we walked over for free entertainment. LOVE. After several days, she actually heard the band practicing while sitting in our living room – and recognized what it was! She looked at me as if to say, “Where are they? I hear them, but I don’t see them.” I thought her recognition was AMAZING. Smart girl.
  • had her first bathtub poo. Phil was at the helm, so all was well.
  • stands up at the piano, reaches her little hands up to the keys, and plays for us.
  • had her first spaghetti dinner (non pulverized). She’s a fan of spaghetti noodles.
  • has discovered the SAND BOX.  We go to the monster sand box at a park near us. It has been a fun and interesting change for the both of us. Eden GREATLY enjoys the sand, standing up and balancing in the sand, playing with other kids, and sadly…eating sand. Blek. I enjoy watching Eden’s independence and talking to other parents.
  • hosted a men’s breakfast while I was out of town. Eden had Phil all to herself. She adores her daddy!
  • tried to do an actual pull up. She takes after her Aunt Shea-Shea. Eden “pulled up” to the dinner table, found a place to hold on, and pulled her feet off the floor. She’s crazy strong.
  • shared an apple with me. It was precious. I ate the skin off the apple, then offered Eden some of the meat. She took a bite of the apple, then offered it back to me.
  • floats on her back in the bathtub. Phil is in charge of bath time. Free of charge, he gives her swim lessons to boot. Seriously. He is teaching our girl to swim…in the bathtub. Before much longer, we’ll need a bigger tub.
  • willfully ignore “no no.” Ack! Ack! Ack! I do not enjoy this change.
  • flirts. Oh, she’s got the moves. When she wants someone’s attention, be it parent or child, Eden crawls up to the person of interest, bats her lashes and giggles. TOO CUTE.
  • can transfer from car seat to crib without waking up!!!! Yea.
  • crawled right off the couch. Oooops. Yep, Mommy was right there beside her.
  • bears the bruises of things like crawling off the couch as she explores her world BOLDLY.
  • shows great interest in the computer.
  • ROMPS around the bed in the morning.
  • hangs out with Mommy outside as much a possible…loves to sit in grass and play with rocks.
  • dressed as a Love Bug Halloween night. We pitched a blanket on the front yard witha bowl full of the GOOD candy to greet our neighbors. Alas, very, very, very few came.
  • really, really, really, really loves people.

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