Traditiooooon, Tradition, Tra Di Tion

November 22, 2012 – Eden’s first Thanksgiving.

Little did I expect my maternal instinct to kick in after we received an invitation to dinner…. A voice, clearly not my own, immediately replied, “NO! We have to be home. I need to make dressing and turkey for Eden.” Hmph, that was news to me. Not only did my response astound me, the well of emotion behind the concept of HOME, HOME, HOME for the holiday took me by surprise. I had no idea I felt that way.  I don’t think I did feel that way…until I did feel that way...and boy when I did…I DID.

And just like that, Phil and I started to establish our Tessier Thanksgiving traditions. Apparently, I must serve my great-grandmother Hester’s cornbread dressing to my family. Who knew? Now the trick with her cornbread dressing recipe is that is serves 25 people, and our family consists of 3. So, we have A LOT of cornbread left. But oh, that cornbread. I suspect that the last time I ate it, my mother prepared and served it to me…so that would be 22 years ago. Wow, the taste WAS my childhood…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mom. I even had Phil taste the cornbread pre-oven, just like my dad did for my mom. JOY.

I would like to note, the “simple” recipe took me four days of preparation. Monday, bake a loaf of bread; Tuesday, bake two pans of cornbread; Wednesday, bake biscuits and hard-boil 6 eggs; Thursday, put it all together. I started out with the largest bowl in the house. Alas, said bowl was too small to finish the job. I transferred everything into our lobster pot, stirred, and popped it in the oven. When I placed my offering before my darling girl, she threw most of it to the dogs…quite literally. THEY appreciated my efforts…and so did Phil. JOY to make the dish…to share it with my family…JOY.

Now, we’re making up our traditions as we go…this is what we have thus far:

That’s what we’ve got so far. Looking forward to creating and sharing traditions with my precious girl.


2 thoughts on “Traditiooooon, Tradition, Tra Di Tion

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. We make my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. That would be Mason’s great, great grandmother.

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