Eden – Twelve Months!

I’ve been putting off this post. Though we are overjoyed that Eden has turned one, I’m grieving the loss of my baby. Yeah, yeah, I realize the irony as I had SUCH a hard time with the baby phase. It’s just heartbreaking (and yet delightful) to see how BIG she is getting. She’s a little girl now…no more bottles…no more burping…no more burp rags…no more baby cries. These have been replaced with a beautiful toddler…though she’s not really toddling yet.



At 12 months Eden:

  • swims like a froggy in the tub.
  • stand unassisted for 20 seconds. She’s working on her balance…leaning forward then righting herself…fun to watch!
  • has 2 new teeth, that equals eight teeth now.
  • has devoured her first grilled-cheese sandwich.
  • tries to climb into and/or out of the bathtub.
  • had her first Thanksgiving. The girl likes turkey, stuffing, and cranberry “stuff”…from the can.
  • has taken a new interest in books. This makes my heart so happy. Her favorites are “Swim,” “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?” “Blue Hat, Green Hat.” She brings them to my lap…again, happy heart. Sometimes she wants to sit and look at the book while I hold it up and read it (just like the librarian). Sometimes she prefers to sit in my lap as we look at the book together. Sometimes she likes to turn the pages…sometimes she wants me to. For the Polar Bear book, I have to edit the text…too many words for her attention span…thus, I “read” “Polar bear, polar bear, I hear a lion. Lion, lion, I hear a hippo. Hippo, hippo, I hear a flamingo…”
  • spins on her bottom when she is really thrilled.
  • makes a funny growling sound when excited.
  • loves, loves, LOVES dogs. She comes unglued with excitement…giggles and giggles and giggles.
  • visited the zoo with me and Phil over the Thanksgiving holiday. By default…most of the animals are “dogs.” (She signs dog regularly now.)
  • signs more and more! It’s thrilling. She even asks for the “Baby Signing Time” DVD’s. Her sign for it is “signing”. Ahhh.  Her signed vocabulary currently consists of  dog, finished, eat, baby signing time, hat, wash hands, again, more, bath, ball.
  • does not speak yet…well, not conventional English. She does say “dish, dish”. We have no idea what it means. She might be saying some of the following, but it could be wishful thinking: dock (dog), uck (duck), ilk (milk), ball (ball).
  • combs her hair.
  • has little curls at the nape of her neck.
  • “brushes her teeth.” When Phil and I brush, we give Eden her toothbrush. She mainly chews on it, but she studies what we are doing very carefully. She really likes to brush my teeth.
  • is trying to transition to 1 nap. Whew…that’s tough on me! Some days, she still needs 2 naps, but one of them is typically very short – about an hour. When she only gets the one nap, she’s ready for bed by 6 pm. This is yucky for Phil. He gets home around 6. The first day she got only one nap, she fell asleep in her high chair.
  • had her first fever. It only lasted a day…it was a Sunday, so Phil and I could both be home for her…and each other!
  • has discovered her rocking horse. She loves it!
  • actually rides her scooter now. She has been playing with the scooter for a couple of months already…pushing it, honking the horn, etc. Now, she’ll actually sit on it.
  • blows bubbles in the tub.
  • stands up in the tub, no hands to push up! She just stands.
  • she cruises like crazy…walks along tables, chairs, couches. She even pushes the kitchen chairs and our ottoman across the floor. On her quest to walk, she sometimes exchanges her standard crawl for a bear crawl.
  • had a birthday party! She was too pooped to make it through the whole thing…got a bit grouchy/grumpy by the end. Prior to grumpiness, she enjoyed sitting on a blanket at the park and stealing her guests’ water bottles.
  • is testing her boundaries. Some days, it is cute. Some days, it is not. Her BEST effort was in the bathtub. She touched the spigot…which is a “no-no.” I said “No, Eden.” She looked at me and touched it…three times…for good measure. Now let’s see…where might she have learned such? Hmmm. No one in this household is stubborn…nor strong willed…nor…okay, it’s Phil.
  • is a constant delight to me and Phil…constant.

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