A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 1)

My friend, Mindy, has invited me (and anyone else interested), to join in sharing a glimpse into homeschool life…ten straight days…no holds barred. Upon completing and looking over my creation, I realized how BORING it was…but also how telling. This will be GREAT for Eden to read some day…so Eden, this is for you, my sweet.

Okay, so my student is only thirteen months, but we are certainly homeschooling, if only til she hits kinder. For us, each day is FILLED with learning. Thought I’d lay out the WHOLE day, since our homeschool truly is from girl up to girl down (me and/or Eden). There’s lots of learning to be had when you are only thirteen months.

6:00 – I rise and shine. Truly. I am a morning person, which means when my eyes open, I’m sharp and ready to roll. Phil tells me that it takes “tens of minutes” for each veil of sleep to be lifted from his mind. Anyhoo, up at 6:00 for coffee time with God…scripture and prayer and coffee.

6:30 – I go walking…for the FIRST TIME IN MONTHS. I have finally embraced what multiple folks (including one doctor) have told me about exercise. Playing with Eden all day and pushing her in a stroller is DIFFERENT from a good, vigorous walk. Sigh. Because I am tired…all the time…though I sleep UP TO 12 HOURS SOME DAYS…YES, I’M SERIOUS…I realize that exercise is a must for me. It truly invigorates me and keeps me energized throughout the day. Thus, I walked…and hope to continue to do so…so I can spend more time doing something other than sleeping.

7:15 – Phil and I go wake up Eden. We snuggle on the bed and giggle. (FAVORITE TIME OF DAY).

7:25 – Phil prepares breakfast (migas today = a first for Eden). Eden and I hang out in the livingroom, reading books, petting the dogs.

7:45 – Put Eden in her high chair. Put my hand out for her to take for a prayer. We’re working on this. She’s not much on praying…yet. So, rather than holding her hand, which she DETESTS, I put my hand out, palm up. 99.9% of the time, she puts her little hand in mind for a QUICK prayer.

8:00 – Eden and I sit on the couch together for milk. (SECOND FAVORITE TIME OF DAY). She takes a sippy cup now, but I still insist that she sit on my lap to drink it…and snuggle. I know…she’s my only one…so I can get away with it. Right?

8:15 – Phil, Eden, and I brush our teeth. Right now, we’re not really brushing her teeth. She holds her little toothbrush and moves it around in her mouth. She likes to brush my teeth, and put my toothbrush in her mouth. She’s interested in the taste of my toothpaste…she gets that Orajel Training Toothpaste for now.

8:30 – We say goodbye to Phil and start “quiet play time”. Quiet play time = Eden gets some toys and books to play with while in her pack and play. I leave her alone in the livingroom and go to my bedroom. We do this for 30 minutes. While Eden does her thing, I invite the women in the Expectant Parent Ministry to a coffee at my house. (I am the coordinator for the ministry…though still struggling to figure out how to lead well. Sigh. I’m performance driven, but God’s working on that in my heart…STILL.) I also check in with mentor moms from the ministry to make sure I’ve correctly assigned them to families. I’m not so good with administrative stuff. Yikes. Seems that might be important for a coordinator. Right? In any case, I also email the REAL administrative gal at church because I have lost the information for one of the families…which I have yet to assign to anyone…because I lost their information….I make a list for the grocery store.

9:15 – WOW, Eden made it a full 45 minutes! I lost track of time. I go out to the livingroom and congratulate her on another successful quiet play time. NOW IT’S BABY SIGNING TIME. (EDEN’S FAVORITE TIME OF DAY.) We have four Baby Signing Time DVD’s. For this morning, I select “Here I Go,” because it shows signs for socks, shoes, and hats…which Eden has taken an interest in. Eden prefers for us to sit together for the viewing…okay…I do too, BUT, I have a daily prayer call with my sister, Shea, at 9:30.

9:30 – I leave Eden in front of the DVD and call my sister Shea. Eden wants me near, so I sit at the kitchen table and try to talk to Shea about life…with Baby Signing Time twirling about in the background. We give each other an update of starting back to life post-holiday. So, our phone call goes longer than typical. 

9:55 – Finish Baby Signing Time while still on the phone with Shea = talking to Shea and Eden at the same time.  Baby Hour at the library starts at 10:15, so I  change Eden’s diaper and put on her jacket…while talking to Shea. And now, to pray! I begin our prayer and Shea wraps it up, while I’m loading Eden into her car seat.

10:15 – Baby Hour at Cody Library. Eden uncharacteristically sits in my lap for most of the songs. It’s our first day back in several weeks, so that might be why. She typically ventures out to the middle of the carpet. We sing songs. The librarian reads a couple of books…then it’s playtime for kiddos and talk time for mommies. I talk to the mother of a fell0w-13-month-old. Her little girl is walking like crazy. Eden has yet to take her first unassisted step. Mom of the walker tells me that it is probably an indication that Eden will be more cautious. Her little one is a daredevil. Anyhoo, embracing Eden’s timetable with delight.

11:00 – Eden is rubbing her eyes (because naptime is typically 10:00, but we try for Baby Hour if we can!) I take her home for a nap.

11:30 – I’m exhausted, so I lay down too…and turn on the space heater…

12:35 – Eden’s crying awakens me from my nap. I heat up leftovers for my lunch. Eden gets banana (which she can sign now) and the new ravioli’s I bought over the weekend. We pray and eat!

12:50 – Milk time on the couch…hello…love this time!

1:00 – Blanket training. I set the timer for 12 minutes, gather Eden’s blanket and blanket toys. I lay out the blanket and show her the boundaries, put out her toys, and generally make a big deal out of how much fun she’s about to have with Blanket Time. I turn on the radio (Hank Hanagraff…Bible Answer Man Time) and sit close by Eden. She plays, I listen to Hank. Hank has a guest speaker discussing the importance of memorizing scripture, so I decide to memorize Joshua 1:8. I write it in my journal and start memorizing. Eden’s starting to get fidgety and I realize I’ve forgotten to turn ON the timer. I figure we have about 5 minutes left, so I turn the timer on for 5 minutes. Eden crawls off the blanket, and I put her back on it…and quickly realize I forgot her “treats”. (We have done blanket training in three weeks…so I’m off my game.) I go grab a bag of prunes, hoping these will suffice since she typically gets cookie pieces! The last five minutes is TOUGH…she does not want to stay on the blanket, so we basically do a dance of she crawls off, I put her on and try to interest her in her toys, making a big deal out of “it’s blanket time!”

1:13 – Blessedly the timer goes off. YEA. Blanket training time is over…this makes us both happy. I do not like it. Why am I doing it??? Oh yes, I’m hoping to guide Eden into self control…something I struggle with!

1:15 – Get everything ready for a trip to the store. YEA. We both love going to the store. I still wear Eden, but occasionally put her in the cart. Today, she made it the whole time without getting fidgety. She sweetly snuggles and cuddles with me as I shop.

2:10 – Put the groceries in the van and walk to Pet Co. Eden (and I) love animals, so we take advantage of the Pet Co’s proximity to the grocery store. As we walk in, Eden sees the fish tanks and signs fish. JOY! We check out the fish, the turtles, the snakes, the birds, and the guinea pigs (which I do not know how to sign…ooops). Then we check out the cats in the adoption area and the dogs in the grooming area. I note, for the first time, Pet Co has a self-service area for dog washing. The grooming receptionist noticed my crinkled brow as I kept reading the “self service” sign and came out to ask me if I had questions. Turn out, you can wash your dog…using all their equipment and blow dryers…for a mere $12.00! Of course, my first thought was, “Uh, it’s free at home.” But do I ever bathe our STINKY, STINKY, STINKY dog at home? NO.

2:45 – We head home, and notice the time. School lets out at 2:45! Eden and I love to sit out in the front yard and watch the kids walk home from school. We get home just in time to put out our quilt and take our places. Today, Eden wanted to walk on the sidewalk. This is a first for her! I hold her little hands and she walks.

3:15 – Eden’s rubbing her eyes..though it is early. Being skeptical that she was actually tired, we pull out some books to read.

3:30 – NOTHING pleases the girl, which is a good indication that it’s time for a nap. I lay her down, to much weeping and gnashing of teeth. I figure she’ll go to sleep soon.

4:00 – Go get girl…apparently, she will not be napping today. We get up, have some milk on the couch (YEA).

4:15 – Baby Signing Time…A New Day (my favorite). In this one, we watch and practice signs for day, sun, sky, cloud, BUG, night….I join Eden for the entire DVD. She likes to sit and snuggle in my lap as we practice the signs…or simply watch and sing along.

4:45 – Try to start dinner. This is the hardest part of my day…keeping Eden entertained while making dinner while feeding the girl while getting her bathed while getting her ready for bed. On one nap days (like today), Eden goes to bed at 6:00 rather than the typical 7:00. Eden is being fussy, so I feed her dinner then off to bath time!

5:15 – Yikes! I’m late in getting dinner started. Cut up cauliflower and throw it in the oven and turn on grill for steaks. Play with Eden in between checking on the cauliflower and the steaks.

6:00 – Eden is still up because Phil will be home any moment.

6:02 – Daddy’s home! He snuggles Eden and puts her to bed.

6:15 – Dinner is served.

6:16 – 9:30 – Hang out with the husband.


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 1)

  1. Not boring at all! Sweet to read about a mom’s day with her little one (happy sigh). Minor LOL at your mom-friend saying that late walker might mean not daredevil. Perhaps, but then, my late walker was climbing things before he could walk and is called The Adventurer on my blog 😉 However, 13 months is not late at all, really, so do just what you said, enjoy her timetable!

    I’m glad for a little glimpse into your life, since I’ve heard of you via comments, etc. on Mindy’s blog over the years 🙂 Eden sounds like an absolute delight.

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