A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 3)

Day 3 of Mindy’s invitation:

5:35 – God woke me up early, so I worked on day 2’s recount until 6:00.

6:00 – Coffee, scripture and prayer until Phil joins me out on the couch.

6:15 – Hang out with Phil on the couch…in the dark. Phil and I discuss the fact that recounting my days in the blog is stressing me out and I reconsider my decision. We both think it’s a great glimpse into my home life with Eden and that Eden will LOVE it one day…but perhaps just do a few days instead of 10.

6:50 – Almost time to get Eden up, so I quickly throw on some clothes and try to grab a few minutes recounting day 2 of homeschooling. I recount until 7:25!!

7:25 –  Time to get Eden! We typically get her around 7:00. We’re a pretty “ish” family. FAVORITE TIME OF DAY. Phil and I usually race down the hall to see who is first to get her. This morning, she is still asleep = fun to watch her wake up. She tries to stand up as soon as she realizes we are there, but she’s too groggy and falls right back down. I am the winner this morning = I get to pick Eden up out of her crib and carry her to the bed for snuggling! I hold her while she slowly wakes up. Phil and I talk softly to her and enjoy being together, just the three of us…love fest!

7:35 – Breakfast is served. Phil prepared it while I was frantically typing out day 2 of homeschooling. (I’m afraid I’ll forget what we did if I don’t get it done pronto). We pray and eat, reminding Eden to sign when she is finished rather than throwing her food on the floor.

7:58 – MILK TIME…Ahhhh. Eden gets her sippy cup of formula and snuggles on my lap. Heaven.

8:10 – Eden wants to walk, walk, walk while holding hands. I cherish this time…this learning time…it won’t last long…and then prayerfully, Eden will be walking for the rest of her life. This time of pre-walking is sooo short, I breathe it in and hold it dear.

8:15 – Brush teeth time! Today, Eden really enjoyed MY toothbrush. She wanted to hold it and brush her teeth with it.

8:20 – Phil and Eden play the computer game that Phil created for her.

8:35 – Today is Wacky Wednesday = I go to the church from 9 – 12:00 for a Bible study, then a kids’ ministry staff meeting. Phil stays home with Eden and tries to work from home while wrangling our girl. Upon much reflection, this will be my last week with the Bible study. I already do a Bible study with my life group, so this second one can go. Score, an extra hour with Eden OR an hour to work on the ministry while Phil is with our girl.

12:15 – I get home and hear the girl crying in her crib. Phil wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep, but knew it was not time to get up yet. We went to our bedroom to chat and see if Eden would go back to sleep. She ramped up…so we got her up. She was pretty worked up, so I held her and soothed her while Phil warmed up some leftovers.

12:35 – Lunch is served, but Eden was not eating…she was a-typically fussy even after having time to calm down. I noticed a rash…so I let her play while I ate.

12:57 – Milk on the couch time!! Yea. Upon completing milk, Eden ate a bit of lunch…still…not much…very odd for her.

1:20 – Tried out Eden’s new playroom! Eden played in her princess tent and enjoyed pulling out toys from her toy basket, then putting them back in. We read several books, then her pony caught her eye. The pony (given by my Aunt Teresa) is a rocking horse that makes sounds. The tail, head, and mouth move. It whinnies and makes a gallop sound.

2:00 – BST…otherwise known as Baby Signing Time. Yea! My back and neck have been aching quite a bit, so I make a quick phone call to my chiropractor…they can get me in today at 3:30…double yea!

2:30 – Play in the livingroom – read “Brown Bear,” “Polar Bear,” “Blue Hat, Green Hat” multiple times. Then we walked, walked, walked while holding hands. (Awwww.)

3:00 – Hand off the girl to Phil and hit the road….chiropractor, here I come! (Phil puts her down for a nap.)

4:30 – I come in the door and hear Eden crying in her crib. Yea – this means I can go get her! She soothes slowly. I hold her and talk softly, rubbing and patting her back. I’ve started to notice that returns the favor – she often pats me. Sooo cute!

4:40 – Start out in the playroom then crawl into the livingroom, expoloring as we go.

4:45 – Books and dogs and toys, oh my.

5:00 – Time to start dinner, gulp. Still not sure how to handle this…I start out with wearing her on my back. We cut up veggies, but she’s none too happy. I keep saying, “Eden, if I put you down, I will not be able to play. I think you’ll be happier here, helping me cook.” Eh, I took her off and handed her to Phil to entertain. Blek. I struggle with, “Um, she needs to be able to not hang on me every minute” and “This is such a short time in her life, she WANTS to touch me and be near…sigh…embrace.”

5:45 – Dinner is ready by Phil is still working…so BST! (Baby Signing Time, of course).

6:00 – Dinner is served. I’m not sure if Eden will approve. I’m serving sweet potatoes with onion  and kale and quinoa. Alas, she DEVOURS it. Score. Healthy dinner that Eden (and her parents) love. I was wondering what I would do if Eden disapproved. Would I have fixed her something different? Is this how moms start making TWO or THREE meals? Must be. Careful, Jan!

6:20 – Eden is a glorious mess from dinner…so off for bath time with Phil.

6:40 – Towel monster attacks Eden on the bed post bath, and we giggle and play with our naked girl. She is sooooooooo cute.

6:55 – Bed time – she collapses peacefully.

7:10 – 9:00 – Hang out with Phil!


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 3)

  1. Hi! I’m an aquaintance of Mindy’s, and I so appreciate this look into your life! I have a baby girl that turns 1 next week and it’s fun to hear of the things you’re doing with your family 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I was wondering if it would stress you out. No need for that, dear friend! I love this glimpse, but even 3 days is a delight, so no pressure for 10.

    I love your milk on the couch description. I can picture it. And the joy.

    I’m so proud of our girlie and her signs! Atta girl, Eden!

    Oh, dinner time, friend. It’s a doozy for all mamas. Lots of negative names for that hour of dinner prep and baby care. You’ll get the hang of it… or through it. 😉 Some people suggest cutting and chopping and such during naptime so you can throw things together quicker. Others crock pot use. Others putting baby in high chair with toys. I just learned to fix dinner with a baby at my feet, emptying cabinets and playing with bowls and such. 🙂

    Hugs to all 3 of you!!

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