A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 4)

Day 4 of Mindy’s invitation:

5:24 – God woke me up early again. Yea! I do not like to be jarred awake by an alarm. Rather than jumping on the computer this morning, I needed to be alone with God…and coffee. We sat out on the couch. After doing my memory verse (Joshua 1:8), I longed for more, more, more of God. I’ve been crazy as of late, and have been praying for wisdom…figured the more God I put in me, the better. I went to Proverbs 10 today (since it is the 10th). I used to read a chapter from Proverbs a day, and then someone discouraged me from it…”You need to be reading the gospel.” I’m starting to realize, for better or worse, I LOVE reading Proverbs…it’s like a cozy blanket. So I’ve decided, no matter what else I am reading…a chapter from Proverbs is a must.

6:00 – Wrapped up day 3 of homeschooling recount. Whew! This numbs my mind and makes me grouchy…so I remind myself why I am doing it…a great snapshot for Eden.

6:17 – Snuggled with Phil. We chatted about the day ahead…and just enjoyed being together. We decided we’d let Eden sleep til 7:30 since it is library day. Baby Hour happens right at the beginning of nap time, but we push through because it is such a treat for both of us. Waking at 7:30 would buy Eden some time.

6:30 – No rain today! Yea. Put on my walking shoes and hit the road. My upper back was aching during the walk. I figured it was tight hamstrings, so gave them a good stretch afterward. It did the trick. How in the world can I feel tight hamstrings between my shoulder blades? That God, the body is amazingly constructed.

7:00 – Quickie shower. A typical shower for me is 3-5 minutes…so a quickie is 1 minute.

7:04 – I hear Eden…so much for her sleeping in. Phil preps breakfast and we let Eden play quietly in her crib before going to get her.

7:20 – Phil wins the race down the hallway today. He gets to pick Eden up out of the crib. She’s snuggly! We cuddle and giggle on the bed…all three of us.

7:40 – Breakfast! Eden gets toast and humus. Phil and I juice for breakfast. Eden loves to share the green concoction. It really is very refreshing to drink veggies first thing in the morning…after coffee, of course.

8:00 – Milk on the couch time. Yippee! Eden snuggles while drinking her milk from her sippy cup. Sigh.

8:25 – Experiment with quiet play time. Today I set up her play pen in the playroom. Score. Worked wonderfully. Eden tends to do 30 minutes with no problem. Today, I tried to do 35 minutes…nope. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth. During the first 30 minutes, I answered emails.

9:00 – Baby Signing Time!! This has got to be Eden’s favorite time of the day. The girl cannot get enough of it. I am MOST grateful that we have four episodes that she loves…or I might lose my mind. Still might, I’m pretty tired of the four we have…but watching Eden sign is a DELIGHT.

9:30 – Call Shea for daily prayer time. We had to cancel, as Shea’s middle, my precious niece Celis, was sick at school. Shea was on her way to pick her up. Poor girl…trying to recover from the flu, but it’s still got a hold on her.

9:45 – Load up the girl for Baby Hour at the library. Yippeeeeee.

10:00 – Arrive at the library. Eden LOVES the huge windmill outside the library. She ooohs and aaaaahs as we sloooowly walk in. The door for Baby Hour does not open until 10:12 or so, so Eden and I check out the library.

10:12 – Baby Hour begins! Yea. Eden is more “herself” at this particular library hour. She takes off to the center of the carpet. There’s one other girl sitting in the center. All the other babies sit in their mommies laps…sniff, sniff. I take comfort in the fact that Eden keeps making eye contact with me and grinning throughout songs. When she recognizes any that we sing at home, she looks and me as if to say, “Mom, Mom, Mom! They know this song too.”

11:00 – Take my tired girl home. Poor thing. I may have pushed her a bit too much. No crying…but she sure looks beat.

11:20 – Nap time. I’m beat…must be the early mornings and the walks. I nap along with Eden. De. Li. Cious.

12:50 – I rise, but don’t shine. While I’m a super morning person…not so much for the rest of the day. I do not wake well from naps. Eh. I go check on the girl. She’s starting to stir.

1:00 – Eden’s awake! Lunch time…Eden fusses when I pray today. For some reason, this angered me GREATLY. “No, no, Eden. We always thank God for taking care of us.” She stopped fussing, and I said a quickie prayer.

1:20 – MILK time. Oh yeah.

1:30 – Blanket training. Blek. I am not a fan. Again, I tell myself, “This is to help Eden develop self-control,” but then I think, “Well, self-control is a fruit of the Spirit…and the girl’s got no Spirit yet…eh.” I set the timer for 13 minutes, set out the blanket, mark the boundaries, put out the blanket time toys, grab some cookie for reward and turn on Hank Hannegraf. Eden does great for the first 10 minutes. The last 3 = Eden crawling off the blanket, me putting her on the blanket, Eden crawling off, me putting on…round and round til the timer went off. Yea timer!

1:45 – Eden and I pack up and go the the park! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day. Eden had a great time. We stayed for over an hour!

3:50 – Home for afternoon nap.

4:45 – Short nap! And now, to try to do dinner with Eden in tow. I was hoping to do a quiet play time with her, but she woke up very clingy and weepy. Sigh. Plan B = Baby Signing Time. Alas, still clingy = wants to sit in my lap to watch. I let her sit until she calms down. Off to make dinner.

5:10 – Since Eden had a short nap, I feed her early, so she can go to bed around 6:00 rather than 7:00.

5:30 – Bath time, but with Mommy = no swim lessons in the tub. Just get clean…and I get to relax. It’s fun to sit on the floor and watch her play. It buys me about 10 minutes of rest and relaxation!

5:45 – Towel monster attacks Eden…but not the fun towel monster…Mommy towel monster. I just don’t have the same rough-housing skills that my husband has. Phil tells me it is a gender thing. In any case, I do my best to attack Eden with the towel, roll her around on the bed, and tickle her. Then…one of my favorites…play with that naked baby. She’s so cute…squeaky clean…and naked!

6:08 – Daddy’s home! He puts her pj’s on her and takes her to bed.

6:20 – Dinner with Phil…just the two of us since Eden is in bed. I turned out the lights and lit some candles. Suh-weet.

6:50 – Phil and I decide to have a putter night…go our own ways.


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