A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 5)

Day 5 of Mindy’s invitation:

5:59 – God woke me up RIGHT before the alarm. Thank you! Out for scripture, coffee, prayer, and time with God. Realized, not enough time to just sit and be with God…too much gabbing on my part…I long to just sit with Him and sip my coffee. Eh. considering getting up at 5:30. Before Eden came along, that was my schedule…a schedule that suited my internal clock SO WELL. Love quiet, slow mornings…it’s pretty much the only slow I get. Hmmm. We’ll see.

6:32 – Out for a brisk walk. Aches between my shoulder blades again! Stretch the hamstrings works again. Really? What’s the connection?

6:57 – Quickie shower! Post day 4’s recount. Whew…today will be the LAST one for me. For some reason, it has caused me great consternation…something about detailing my day makes me…feel crazy. Hmmm, it might be the same thing I get with taking pictures…if I try to take pictures (which I do poooooorly), I have trouble entering into the moment and just living the moment. Thus, I rarely take photos. It might be the same thing…being mindful that I am to capture my day causes me to not be fully present? Eh. Whatever the case, LAST day. (Mindy, despite the groans, I’m soooo glad I did this! Thank you for the opportunity. Not only have I created something fun for Eden, I’ve been SUPER blessed by reading others’ posts.)

7:08 – Race Phil down the hallway to get Eden. She. Is. So. Cute! She’s sitting up, but groggy and NOT well-balanced. She hangs her head and lifts her arms. So adorable.

7:25 – Breakfast! Eden fusses with praying again. We press on!

7:45 – MILK time snuggles on the couch. I stretch out and Eden reclines against me. I love it when she strokes my hair or makes eye contact with me…sweeeeet.

7:55 – Brush our teeth as a family. Awww.

8:00 – Wave goodbye to Daddy. Phil’s on time today! He tries to leave around 8:00, but rarely does because he always finds some way to serve me…something that needs attention, or fixing, or something. That man. Truly a gift.

8:03 – Quiet play time in Edens playroom. She does great…for 30 minutes. I reckon that’s her limit. Works for me. I check Face Book and emails, put in a load of laundry, and put beans in the crock pot.

8:35 – Play time…reading, sorting, cuddling, chasing the dogs (stinky, stinky dogs, by the way)

9:00 – Baby Signing Time – yea. As of late, Eden insists that I accompany her, at least for the first couple of minutes. I LOVE that she wants to share her greatest joy with me.

9:30 – Nap time. Call Shea for daily prayer. We talk for over an hour! Lots to catch up on. Lots to pray about. I am so grateful for a sister who knows God and honors him AND knows me inside out. She knows how to pray for me, which is soooo precious and needed. Check Face Book and emails.

11:30 – Rise and shine and have some lunch.

11:50 – Blanket training time. Eden is too funny – the way she tests the limits. She tries to entice me to play with her…hello! How can a mother say no to such a cutie??? Alas, I tell her to wait…working on this concept…good things come in a bit…wait. (I’m still learning that!!)

12:15 – Trip to the store. Yahoooo. We both love going to the store. We both love talking to random strangers…and sometimes we see someone we know. Anyhooo, it is a delight for both of us…and we try to get some shopping done while exploring the wonderful world of the grocery store. I still wear Eden in a front carrier…just love how I’m able to embrace and hug her…as we walk around the store. Mmmmmm.

1:30 – Eden is a trooper, but she’s showing signs of wear and tear from our shopping adventure. We head home and play in the backyard. AWESOMENESS. We both love to be outside. Because Eden is more adventurous, I do a thorough search for dog poop…ewwwww.

2:50 – Eden goes down for a nap. She plays quietly for 10 minutes…fusses for 20 minutes…screams for 5 minutes…NAP OVER…apparently. Okay, so today is a one nap day = early dinner and early bed. Poor Phil.

3:30 – Have a snack. I bought breakfast bars at the store today = a first for Eden. Score…she loves them! (Note to self…they are deceptively MESSY.)

3:50 – Hit the backyard again! So fun. She enjoys sorting stones, picking grass, and scooping dirt into an old flower-pot. The flower-pot is HEAVY…and it’s so funny to watch her try to lift it…she grunts and looks at me like, “Mom! What’s going on here?”

4:45 – Take a short walk in the stroller. We love seeing neighbors…alas, no one seemed to be out today…and no dog walkers…boooo. Eden loves dogs more than ANYTHING.

5:15 – Try out tonight’s dinner on Eden = Cuban black beans. She likes it! I let her feed herself these days = messy, messy, messy. MILK on the couch…sigh…peace on earth, good will to men.

5:35 – Bath time! Towel monster! Play on the bed with a cute, naked baby!!!!!

6:00 – Daddy comes home and puts the girl to bed.

6:15 – Dinner and a movie for Mom and Dad.


One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler (Day 5)

  1. Oh, you’ve made me nostalgic again. HB LOVED cereal bars and yes, they are deceptively messy! How fun for me to picture Eden eating them.

    I’m glad you’re letting the blog play by play go, but I’ve been blessed by reading it. If you want to document for Eden, maybe just do one play by play a year. Here or in a journal of some kind. That way you get the benefit you’re looking for, but not daily stress.

    Thank you for giving us the peek!

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