Eden – Thirteen Months!

This past month has been simply precious. Eden is developing socially, which is a blast to watch.

We got to spend two weeks with Eden’s Nana and Uncle Jeff…not quite enough time, but a good dose. Eden fell in love with Nana and enjoyed searching for her each morning. Uncle Jeff was a big hit with the girl…though she warmed to him slowly. By the end, she declared him alright.

I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with the experience of motherhood. Life with Eden is a prize. Each moment is filled with joy and sorrow…intermingled. I see her babyhood slipping away and I grieve…I see her toddlerhood beginning and I rejoice. Right now, life is just a bowl of cherries!

(Uncle Jeff, note the cool, new swim suit in the photos. Thank you!)

IMG_0096 IMG_0095 IMG_0101

At 13 months Eden:

  • spent two weeks in Vallejo getting to know Nana and Uncle Jeff.
  • loves the little church in Vallejo. I think it’s because everything is so close and intimate. She and the pastor talked throughout the sermon…Eden has a lot to say about God. She also loves the signing there…again, I think it’s because you can hear everyone around you singing…it’s very intimate.
  • opened her Christmas presents with little fanfare. She sorta enjoyed tearing the paper. She really enjoyed playing with the paper and boxes once the gifts were exposed.
  • got her first box of crayons. She immediately chewed the tips off the ends of the red and orange. Guess I was a little premature with that gift.
  • has discovered the best way to make a new friend is to laugh. She will crawl over to her subject of interest…look at her subject…laugh…and watch for the reaction. If subject laughs with her, they are fast friends. If not, she tries a few more times before crawling away to look for another fellow laugher.
  • bounces and waves her hands when excited. If we slid pom-poms into her hands, she’d be a natural.
  • signs like crazy now. She’s advanced so much in her signing, that we don’t know what she’s saying most of the time. Sigh. Sorta defeats the purpose of signing. Nonetheless, she is playing with language and communication which makes my heart happy.
  • loves, loves, loves Baby Signing Time DVD’s. It’s the first thing she asks for upon arising from sleep…before she’s even fully awake, her little hands make the motion for “Baby Signing Time.” Due to this, the sign for “wait” is being reinforced heavily in her little life. She only gets two viewings a day…though she asks for it from sun up to sun down. Of course, if I’m having a tough day, she might get THREE.  Unfortunately, she’s smart enough to figure out that is she GIVES me a tough day, she’ll get more Baby Signing Time. She hasn’t figured this out yet…but I’m aware it could be in my future if I’m not careful.
  • walks, walks, walks. She wants to walk everywhere. She cannot do it on her own yet, which means I am continually hunched over, holding her little hands. (Such a sweet pain!) If she were a tad taller, or I a tad shorter, my back would be greatly blessed. Alas, I try to use good form…while hunching over to walk with our daughter. Sigh.
  • has an official playroom! I love this because it means fewer toys in the living room. Phil set up the playroom since we have small group at our house this month. He’s cleverly hired a babysitter to watch Eden play and sleep while we have a housefull of guests. It’s working well thus far.
  • has boundless love for dogs. She’s pretty fond of other critters…but dogs are her great love.
  • SWIMS LIKE A FISH. She has had her first swim lesson. The “coach” was amazed with Eden’s comfort with water. That would be thanks to the hours she’s logged with Phil in the “bathtub pool.” She sure made her daddy proud. Phil is the one that does lessons with her. I watch, breathless from the sidelines, as Phil submerges my precious angel UNDER THE WATER. Gulp. If Eden didn’t love it, Phil would have a battle on his hands. No wait, I would have a battle on my hands…fighting my impulse to jump in the water to rescue my baby. Even though she loves it, it’s still a bit of a battle to choose to trust Phil and his parenting style as he pushes our girl toward adventure. (Thank God for Phil. He makes life MUCH more fun and thrilling than I do.)
  • sits with me more during Baby Hour at the library. This makes me SOOOO happy. Of course, this only happened once…but we’ve only had one Baby Hour in the last month, so it counts. Historically, Eden tends to crawl toward the middle of the circle, leaving me childless to do the little songs. Sniff, sniff. All the other mommies have cuties pies sitting in their laps…it is lap time, afterall…and my girl is center stage, checking out all the other kiddos and the librarian. She sure does love to study people. Anyhoo, sooo happy that she has chosen, if only once, to grace me with her presence.
  • still ventures out during Baby Hour play time. The biggest thrill for me is when she looks for me, makes eye contact, grins, and crawls back for a hug. I. Could. Die.
  • enjoys finger foods. She feeds herself most of the time now.
  • drinks almond milk between snacks. She does NOT like cow’s milk, which is odd, since she’s been on formula from birth. Hmmm. Anyhoo, she likes almond milk. I am continuing with formula for another year, as I want to make sure she gets enough nutrition as she is learning to eat on her own. No…I don’t trust her “I’m finished” when she has only had two bites of breakfast…yet truly seems to be done eating. Meh.
  • has stinky morning breath – which I LOVE. Truly. Is that gross? I just love the smell of her stinky morning breath.
  • is becoming very snuggly. She hugs her stuffed animals and pats me on the back when I pick her up. LOVE.
  • enjoys the ritual of brushing her teeth – though she’s not really brushing them…which may be why she has such stinky morning breath! She puts her toothbrush in her mouth and kinda moves it around and chews on it.
  • is becoming more clingy than is typical for her. She wants me to hold, hold, hold her. When we watch BabySigning Time, she wants me right there.

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