Eden – Fourtheen Months

Our girl is OFFICIALLY a toddler…a walking, “talking” toddler! She is so very delicious right now…yum, yum, yum!



At fourteen months Eden:

  • toddles! Yes, one of  the reasons I stay home is to make sure I don’t miss a thing…and yet, I missed her first steps! That stinker. She took them in the church nursery! Okay, so she was up to two steps prior to “the big moment”…but still…she put together three steps for the lovely and talented Julie McHale (one of my mommy heros). Yea? In any case, Phil and I are breathless with delight as we watch our little girl walk across the room. Love, love, love.
  • talks…I think. We’ve decided to just say, “Yeah, we think she’s talking…and we think she’s been doing it for a while.” Her words are high-pitched little chirps. I now realize…the chirps are actually words. So, again with the staying home so that I don’t miss anything, I don’t know what her first word was! However, I do know that she has said TWO things clearly…”Night-night” and “Amen.” These are some of the other words that she “chirps”: dog, stop, two-two, hi. I love how she says “hi.” Apparently, I sing it to her…with joy and delight…because she sings it right back to me…”hi-ayyy.” So sweet!
  • signs like a mad woman. She even makes up signs…which defeats the purpose of teaching her to sign so that we understand her…half the time, I have no idea what she is “saying,” but BOY, is she saying it. I love how she signs “sleep.” She sometimes asks for “sleep”…ahhhh. She puts her hand on top of her head and pulls it down over her eyes…and makes a very serious face. Sleep is a serious matter.
  • shouted “Amen” one night at dinner…right after Phil started the prayer. She has associated “amen” with eating.
  • has a much longer attention span for books. I used to read just a few words per page. Now, I can read almost a whole page of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” before she loses interest. (Why yes, there are only eight words per page…but progress is progress.)
  • studies the pictures in books…on her own.
  • giggles at the appropriate places when I read “Blue Hat, Green Hat.” How does she know that “ooops” is funny?
  • can climb onto and off of her scooter! She has had the scooter from birth…and has utilized it by dragging it…on its side, and pushing the buttons on it…which make music. This month? She RIDES it..as God intended. (Thanks, Wanda…the scooter was a gift from you.)
  • has a play room! Phil set it up for her…she enjoys spending time in there.
  • is not enjoying “quiet play time” like she used to. I try to give her 30 minutes to play on her own…she does okay after 1-2 minutes of crying for me. She used to get right to it…no tears…just play. Hopefully, she will return to that. I’m thinking it’s the whole separation anxiety thing.
  • loves to slide!!! She has a little STEP 2 slide that she goes down “again and again”…in fact, her sign for slide is actually “again”. Cute!
  • has discovered she can make the BIG wind chime make even more music by pulling on the “clapper”.
  • loves raspberries…NOT strawberries…and can tolerate blueberries.
  • LOVES her veggies. She even likes the vegetable juice Phil and I drink in the mornings.
  • ate a pebble…still waiting for it to pass.
  • loves the backyard. We spend hours out there…digging in the dirt, tasting grass and leaves. The girl is filthy most of the time…head to toe dirt…a girl after her mama’s own heart!
  • impressed us with her comprehension of words. One day, Phil asked Eden to “point to” various objects…where is mom; where is your foot; where is the dog? Then he asked, “Where is the rock?” She started rocking! Smart girl…unless you take into account that “the rock” was right beside her and she totally missed it.
  • has less interest in Baby Signing Time…she’d rather go outside and play. (Yea!!!!!)
  • can sit and swing in the sky chair…this thrills me…Phil and I spent hours in those chairs while courting. And now? Eden and I spend time out on the back porch…just swinging and hanging out. Thank you, God, for this child!!!!
  • enjoys her new “sand box.” We have an area connected to the back porch that was filled with dirt. One day I thought, hmmmm, let’s try sand! I was hoping it would be a little less messy. I was wrong…and now we track sand through the house on top of tracking in dirt.
  • experiments with sounds = she will gasp for breath…it really cracks her up, probably from the look on my face when she does it. The first time she did it, I was driving and she was in the car seat…I swung the car to the side of the road…”Very funny Eden.” She also “coughs”…thinks it is hilarious.
  • does the motions for “The Wheels on the Bus”!!!!! Her favorite motion is the wipers.
  • has moved up to the walkers class in Sunday school. They have waaaay cooler toys in there than in the baby room.
  • prefers hugs over kisses. She is a hugger and a patter…hugs and pats everything…including her shoes…so sweet. But NO kisses!
  • loves to pull her princess tent forward over her head, so that the door is on the floor and she is completely surrounded by said princess tent.
  • has a favorite CD…okay, it might be my favorite CD, but she doesn’t complain. My childhood friend, Jennifer Martin, sent me “S.S. Bathtub” by David LaMotte. Excellent stuff! Eden’s favorite is Grandma’s Feather Bed.

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