Eden – Fifteen Months

Fifteen months…what a difference a year makes. Last year at this time,  I could never have imagined how delightful life would be…with a toddler…and days that stretched out deliciously. Mmmmm. Nope, a year ago I had a wee babe, was clumsily trying to mother said babe, and was losing my mind over my sloooooow-paced life. Now…the days cannot be long enough. I grieve each evening when it’s time to put her to bed. Eden is a joy…even in her new “fit” stage…she is a joy…she is part of our redemption story.


At fifteen months, Eden:

  • weighs 24 pounds and stands 32 inches tall.
  • began this month balancing with a sumo stance. So cute. Standing and walking were new, so she’d have to steady herself with her sumo pose…chubby legs, tummy, and all. NOW, she’s on the verge of running.
  • has learned to climb up her slide. Now, if only she could get both legs out in front…currently, she slides in the splits…left leg always trailing behind.
  • makes the cutest face just before she goes down the slide on her own. She looks off to the side and grins…knowing that she is about to do something amazing…no eye contact with me…it’s a big secret between her and her…she is about to blow her mother’s mind. Soooo cute.
  • spends hours exploring the back yard.
  • has learned that a “no” from me might mean a “yes” from dad…and vice versa. Alas, her testing has brought her nothing but frustration as she plays us against each other when we are side by side…Phil and I had better up our game for the day she realizes that if we are in separate rooms, her ploy might work!
  • throws herself on her back when she hears the “n” or “d” word…or goes limp when I have her arms. Of course, she quickly learned to gently throw herself back…tantrums can hurt!
  • definitely gets the “d” word, because she will declare “DON’T” as she throws her food onto the floor. Yes, yes, we correct that behavior…but come on…that’s stinkin cute.
  • sometimes matches my “no” with a “don’t” of her own. Hmmm. Well, I’m always encouraging her to communicate with her words…so there you have it.
  • is down to one nap a day. That has taken a few weeks of tweaking. I was putting her down at 10:30 (too early for lunch) and she would wake up about noon (hungry!)…which would have been fine if she would take an afternoon nap…which she would not. Then I realized…I could keep her up longer, feed her lunch, then down for a good, long nap. Voila.
  • did not spring ahead! We kept her schedule the same…which does a few things for EACH of us. She does not have to lose an hour of sleep. Phil and I get an extra hour in the morning to hang out, get chores done, and prepare for work. Phil and Eden get an extra hour together in the evening…which will be EXCELLENT for when the pool opens this summer.
  • juts out her chin when she is determined to do something that is challenging…like carry a heavy toy, or climb up the ladder to her slide.
  • signs “love you” when someone leaves. She can even say “Iloveyou”…yes, all squished together, but I’ll take it.
  • understands over 60 signs.
  • can say “mama”. Really, no other words matter. BUT, she can say several…”da-da, hat, hot, dog, cat, stop, don’t, no, jacket, love, bug, rock, cracker, outside”. Next to mama, my favorite word she says is elephant…or “lelefan.” She tries to sign it as she says it, but her sign looks more like Evan Peron’s iconic stance…arms up, elbows bent. Takes my breath away. I ask her to do it again and again and again.
  • Evita doing Eden's version of "lelefan".
    Evita doing Eden’s version of “lelefan”.
  • visited the zoo. She’s gone before, but this is the first time she “got” it…well, sorta. She was more enthralled with the other children than she was with the animals.
  • has two distinct personalities. There is my morning Eden…all sunshine and light. Then there is the afternoon Eden…grumpy, clingy, just plain pitiful. I love both Edens.
  • flirts. I swear, I do NOT know where she gets it…but she makes eyes, and giggles, and wrinkles up her nose.
  • studies ever more intently. Phil thinks she’s going to be a scientist. She will repeat an action over and over…watching the results…studying how toys or sippy cups or leaves work. Such a serious girl.
  • is the star at baby hour. She knows all the songs…all the motions…and stands right in the middle to show us how it’s done. Of course, that is the morning Eden. Wonder how things would play out for afternoon Eden?
  • is completely at home in the water. She blows bubbles, goes under water, floats on her back, kicks. She’s our little fish.
  • plays “is it a hat?” with Phil. Phil started her early with this game. He’d put something silly, like a book, on his head and ask, “Is it a hat?” Of course, now Eden feels the need to put everything on her head and giggle.
  • fully gets her rocking horse now. She even neighs with the horse. She can almost crawl onto it. Her feet almost reach the stirrups. She can get down by herself. She’s quite the cowgirl.
  • attended her first San Antonio Rodeo and Livestock Show extravaganza. As is typically the case on such excursions, she was much more interested in the people than the actual exhibits.

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