A Camping We Will Go!

We opened this year’s camping season with a trip to Garner State Park…in a borrowed casita, nonetheless. Note, we used the casita like a tent = no water nor electricity hook-up. Those spot sold out before we could nab one. Gotta say, the casita is a nice upgrade from a tent! Well, the food was edible and we came back in one piece, so we’re counting the trip as a win. And we learned a thing or two…always a bonus.

1. Taking a toddler on a camping trip changes everything…every. thing. The trip was not so much about camping as it was training Eden…reinforcing what we are doing at home…but on a more urgent scale. For example, STOP at home typically means stop poking the dog or stop throwing food on the floor. STOP while camping means do not walk into the fire pit while it is blazing or fall into the river. So, there’s that. Adorably, she obeys commands such as STOP, but boy does she let us know that she does NOT appreciate our infringement upon her freedom. She stops, throws herself down, and cries…but she stops…and that’s pretty important when fire…or a nearby river call to her.

2. Pick only one new challenge for a camping expedition. For us, that should have been taking Eden. Alas, we felt compelled to try out Phil’s new cast iron dutch oven. So, every. Meal. Was. Burned. But not completely. As I mentioned earlier, the food was edible…but just barely. It all came with a smokey, black after taste.

Our greatest challenge was the sleeping arrangements. We always struggle with this when it comes to Eden. She likes her crib…or a crib…and nothing else. Arg. Phil suggested that I start training her to sleep in different locations…like on a pallet or some such. I may try this as we have a few trips planned this summer.

So, we got off to a good start! Our next trip is in April…another one-nighter. In May, we’ll be attempting two nights. We should have it down by then, right??

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2 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go!

  1. So brave! So sweet! So fun! A hint for sleep training… I bought two matching blankets and labeled them “sleepy time.” Every nap, every night, any time I expected a child to go to sleep I would say something like, “I see the sleepy time blanket.” I always had one in the diaper bag to use where ever we might be. It really helped with transitions.

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