Easter 2013

Easter photos of our girl. We sure do love her! (Note, she lost the shoes early. Eh. The hat stayed for a bit, and boy did she look cute!)

Easter was uneventful for us…well, except for the anniversary of Christ’s resurrection, that is. We did not do eggs. We did not do an Easter basket. We did not explain the meaning behind Easter, nor did we celebrate new life. We dressed up a little fancier than typical and went to church. The end. I’m not certain how we will celebrate in the years to come…make no mistake, Easter will be a magical morning for our girl as all mornings with our girl are magical.

photo photo4 photo5 photo 2 photo 3


One thought on “Easter 2013

  1. Our first Easter with Jamie he was about 6 months old. The best thing was the adorable pictures that year! Of course the pictures we took (on a 35mm of course, so not as many!) are my memories now, so keep on taking as many photos as you can! All the symbolism and meaning will come later, of course. Next year you can do an egg hunt! Have fun. 🙂

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