Eden – Sixteen Months

Yes, she is continuing to grow and develop. This monthly update is not something I anticipated doing each month. But. I. Can. Not. Stop. Well, I have always been enamored with the life of Jane Goodall. Dreamy sigh. To sit out in nature all day, observing the behaviors of chimps in their natural habitat, and writing…are you kidding me? Dream life. And so, I have become Jane and I faithfully observe and record the behaviors of my little chimp.

She is developing too quickly for my taste. No. I take that back. I adore each leap. I grieve each leap. I hold each moment in my heart, breathing in each stage. Dear Lord, my cup runneth over and over and over.

I’m ditching the monthly couch photo for random shots of the girl…in her natural habitat.

Eisenhower Park - our current favorite
Eisenhower Park – our current favorite
With Daddy at Kite Day
With Daddy at Kite Day
New car seat!
New car seat!
Sand pit in the back yard.
Sand pit in the back yard.

At sixteen months, Eden:

  • crawls into a black “grown up” chair to read or to watch Baby Signing Time. She loves it when I pull the ottoman up beside her. She sits taller than I do that way. Thrills her.
  • babbles herself to sleep at night. Sometimes, she gets quite annimated…shrieks and squeals…to our delight.
  • waves out the window of the minivan to me when Phil is driving Eden in the van and I’m in another car. I drive up beside them, and she goes nuts. Thinks it is the wildest thing ever…and I’m sure she’s right…prettty cool stuff for a 16 month old. 
  • wraps scarves around her neck and walks about as if she is quite glamorous. Wonder where she picked up on this little trick? Hmmm.
  • is a swimmer…really…the girl can swim. Crazy. Granted, she swims back and forth between me and Phil. We stand about 3 feet apart. But still!
  • squats really well…future catcher for a softball team?
  • enjoys watching the boys in the church yard behind our house play basketball. She sits on my lap and says “bah, bah, bah.”
  • is hooked on cycling. I bought her a tricycle this past month. It’s pretty cool – goes from rocking bike to tricycle. It was the source of her first, full-on tantrum. She signed bike. I was impressed! But I signed back “wait.” Threw her self on the floor, flailing, and signing “bike, bike, bike.” Loves the bike…whether rocking on it in the living room, or “riding” on it as I push her. (It comes with a handle, which saves my back!)
  • tests her boundaries all. the. time. It’s kinda reassuring to me that she keeps checking. She’s okay when she is told “no” for the millionth time…she just wants to make sure…I guess.
  • loves the book “Dear Zoo.” It is her current favorite. It’s a new style to her = flip book. Her favorite is the puppy at the end, because I pant and kiss all over her when we get to the puppy.
  • went camping!
  • experienced thunder and rain while outside. It was a pleasant experience…a warm evening with warm rain. Phil and I kept quoting a line from “Mr. Brown Can Moo” = Boom Boom Boom, Mr. Brown is a wonder. Boom Boom Boom, Mr. Brown makes thunder. Eh, connections, ya know?
  • blows her nose when I put a Kleenex up to it. Yea!
  • has enjoyed a rich Crawford family tradition…cornbread and milk. She’s a fan…of course.
  • has learned the sign squirrel and uses it frequently…as we have a family of FOUR who sit under our porch roof. Eden enjoys their company a great deal…as do I…Phil, not so much.
  • sticks her finger IN her eye when we sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Silly girl…she takes things so literally!
  • has a big-girl car seat. This is a mommy milestone. The transition to the new seat was easy peasy for both of us. (For the first two months of Eden’s life, I would not take her anywhere without Phil. Even though we had the EASIEST car seat in the world, I was petrified of it…refused to learn how to operate it…made Phil put her in the car seat and attach the car seat to its base. Seriously, anxiety attacks over this little manuever! Did not think I’d EVER be able to manage the contraption. Bwaaahaahaa. I’ve come a looooooooong way. (Thank you for your patience, Phil!)

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