Guadalupe River State Park Camping Trip

IMG_0280 IMG_0284 IMG_0287 IMG_0289 IMG_0276blue chair walkwithdad breakfast breakfastanddad bytheriver2 bytheriver climbing daddyshoulders firepit morningsnug onslide skychair1 skychairwithdad smores walkwithdad3

 This camping trip was a dream! It went so much better than our last one. I won’t lie, I was seriously discouraged by our trip to Garner. We did several things differently this time:

  1. I succumbed to the fact that Phil is a much better camper than I am, and I let him at it. He did the cooking. He did the fire building. He did it all. I sat back and clapped for him and cheered wildly. We were BOTH much happier with this arrangement. Plus, the food was delicious this time. I’m sure I’ll need reminding…when we camp…just sit back and relax. Wouldn’t think that would be hard, huh? Phil is happiest when working. I’m happiest when sitting in nature and observing the wildlife…or Phil, as it were.
  2. We went camping mid-week. AWESOME! We virtually had the whole place to ourselves. Eden was FREE to roam, free to explore. It was such a better experience than being surrounded by other campers, which meant a lot of saying, “No Eden, don’t go over there. No Eden, don’t touch their stuff. No Eden, no Eden, no Eden.” Blek. This trip was a “Yes, yes, yes” kinda trip.
  3. We camped in a tent! Yippee. Our preferred method. Fun, fun, fun.
  4. We brought Eden’s mattress and entourage of stuffed animals. Eh. It worked better…but we have happily realized the BEST way to sleep with her while camping is to snuggle with her in OUR sleeping bag. Put her right there between us. Darn! Snuggling with Eden. It’s tough work, but we are up to the task. (I grieved the loss of her warm body next to mine upon returning home to my own bed. I begged Phil to throw out everything we’ve worked hard to achieve with her sleeping routine and let her sleep with us. Principles schminicples. Intentionality smahmentionality. Pft.)
  5. Phil brought the sky chair (which you’ll note in some of the photos). Better than the hammock of the last trip.
  6. We camped in a “primitive” campsite. Ha. This was my kind of primitive camping = we had to walk 50 feet from the car to our tent, no electricity, and the water was 15 feet away rather than 5. Ha. Not too shabby.
  7. We used the percolator to make coffee rather than the teeny tiny traveling french press. Score!

Now, this particular campground is my favorite. I love the camping area…but the river? Forget about it. It’s all about the river.

Now, when I planned the trip back in early March, I foolishly assumed that it would be warm enough for a dip by April 24. Ha! Not only was it not warm enough, but we actually had a cold front and some rain during this trip. God was with us though…especially when it came to Eden’s clothing. I had packed away all her warm clothes but ONE SET. So, when we stopped at a shopping center for Phil to get me a special Starbuck’s treat and Eden PUKED all over her ONE SET of clothing…guess what was right behind us? Gymboree. Guess who was having a CRAZY sale on winter clothing? Yep. Check out the CUTE new jacket in all the photos.

And Eden? Oh my. She loved the camping experience. She loved the river with her daddy. She loved the s’mores and especially the roasted corn on the cob. And she remember a thing or two from the last camping trip! Upon coming up to our campsite, she walked right over to the fire pit and said, “Hot.” That’s our girl!

Next trip is a two-nighter! Can’t wait.


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