Eden – Seventeen Months

Eden's first kiddie pool!!

Learning to wash dishes.
Learning to wash dishes.
Helping feed Two Two.
Helping feed Two Two.
Swimsuit for intense sun! Should keep her skin pretty and pink.
Swimsuit for intense sun! Should keep her skin pretty and pink.
Like mother, like daughter. She LOVES peanut butter and jelly.
Like mother, like daughter. She LOVES peanut butter and jelly.
No. I did not put her in. This is one of her favorite play spots. She loves to crawl into Bailey's kennel and close the door.
No. I did not put her in. This is one of her favorite play spots. She loves to crawl into Bailey’s kennel and close the door.

Loving the corn at Cornyval 2013.

Loved her first pony ride!!
Loved her first pony ride!!

I have heard it said, “The days are long; the years are short.” That has not been the case in our home. The saying is more, “Oh no! The day is toooo short; the day is tooooo short.” Granted, I have my moments that stretch out before me in one painfully long marathon, but for the most part, I grieve a bit each night we put her to bed. God has blessed with a knowing…of the joy…the treasure…the brevity. And so, I suck the marrow out of each day…so happily aware of what is before me…even as it ever moves out of my greedy grasp for more, more, more.  Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.

At seventeen months, Eden:

  • has moved to Toddler Time at the library. No more Baby Hour for us! The first time we went, she was a bit intimidated…my undauntable girl was daunted. We left a little early. Now, she’s a pro.
  • wakes up each morning ready to “go!” Phil picks her up out of the crib, and she points out the door, “Come on! Let’s get this party started!”
  • enjoys a morning serenade (by yours truly). The song of the morning depends upon her stuffed animal of choice. If she picks up her teddy bear, she gets “Teddy Bear Picnic.” This is the most frequent request…lots of teddy bear dancing for this song. If she picks up her puppy, she gets “Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone.” If she picks up the kitty, she gets this. (I know! It’s all I got, folks. You’d think she’d pick it more, right?)
  • is a daddy’s girl. (I try very hard to be brave about this.) She started out as a daddy’s girl. But then, I won her heart. Yea! All of a sudden, BOOM, Daddy hung the moon…Mommy…muh.
  • climbs on furniture.
  • swims between me and Phil at the pool. The girl SWIMS. Granted, she’s not ready to be left alone. Unfortunately, she has no fear of water…so she will walk right into the pool.
  • signs “help”…A…LOT. She forgets to communicate what she needs help with…but she definitely needs help…a…lot.
  • has discovered that “please” is a magic word. Much like “help,” she signs “please” a…lot. Again, forgets to communicate what the please is for…just “please.”
  • is a dare-devil on her rocking bike! She stands on the seat…forwards, backwards. Wait til she starts riding for real!
  • helps put away silverware. To begin, Phil would sit her on the cabinet and have her hand him the spoons and the forks. Now, Phil brings the fork and spoon containers to the table and lets Eden sort the silverware from the dish washer.
  •  washes dishes. She does this with Phil. Love it!
  • corrects Phil’s signing from time to time. Once he said “Dad” but he signed “Mom.” Eden showed him the correct sign for “dad.”
  • teases Phil with food. She’ll offer him a forkful of food, but takes it away when he leans in. Stinker!
  • knows that we hold hands to pray. When we say, “let’s pray,” she reaches for a hand.
  • is not a big breakfast eater. If you know anything about me, you know this breaks my heart! I bravely let her pick up a bite of banana or egg, drink her milk, and call it good. Sigh.
  • can reach up much higher than we give her credit for. Note to self, all knives need to go to the center of the table or counter or whatever!
  • her sign for “good” has become clapping. Adorable.
  • puts the emphasis on the second syllable of  two-syllable words = “da DA” for dada, “two TWO” for two-two.
  • talks to herself at night.
  • talks to herself in her car seat.
  • talks to herself.
  • LOVES this. We listen at least five times a day…ha…get it…five times? The worst part about it is that I am more addicted to it than Eden…nah…her eyes glaze over too…seriously…it’s amazing to watch her watch this. Bonus, she has The Count’s laugh down perfectly. Hilarious.
  • attended her first Cornyval.
  • rode her first pony. Smashing success. She was in heaven.
  • went on her second camping trip this season to Guadalupe River State Park. She, like her parents, greatly enjoyed the freedom of few neighbors = much more freedom to roam and explore.
  • likes to show her belly button.
  • likes to point to my eye and says, “eye.” I love her little voice.
  • has discovered the power of her voice. Talk about little girl who cried wolf…LOVES to scream and watch me come running. Her screams sound so real! Arg. Oh, and she can work the tears too. I think I have “sucker” written across my forehead.
  • loves to push buttons…any buttons…on phones, keyboards, timers, you name it…she likes to push it.

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