Eden – Eighteen Months…That’s a YEAR and a HALF, Folks

Eden at Sunday school.
Eden at Sunday school.
Sleeping in her big-girl bed, sniff, sniff.
Sleeping in her big-girl bed, sniff, sniff.
Close up of our girl.
Close up of our girl.

Signing horse...sorta... Signing horse…sorta…

Yee haw!
Yee haw!
Hold on to your hats, we're at Fiesta Farm!
Hold on to your hats, we’re at Fiesta Farm!
"Yeah, I'm feeding a goat." (She proceeded to eat the ice cream cone once the contents were depleted.)
“Yeah, I’m feeding a goat.” (She proceeded to eat the ice cream cone once the contents were depleted.)
Her favorite critter at Fiesta Farm.
Her favorite critter at Fiesta Farm.
Bubbles and friends...what could be better?
Bubbles and friends…what could be better?
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Daddy and Eden at Romes...our family hangout. Can anyone say gluten-free pizza?
Daddy and Eden at Romes…our family hangout. Can anyone say gluten-free pizza?
The girl LOVES to push buttons...especially on old phones.
The girl LOVES to push buttons…especially on old phones.

Eden is sugar and spice and everything nice…on most days. Now that she is well on her way to TWO, I am noticing days in which she is…displeased…with everything. These days are hard…HARD…but amazing to behold. It is wonderful watching her develop and struggle and function in this big, wide world.

More and more, when I look at her, I think, “She is NOT a baby anymore.” Truly, our girl is a girl…a rough-and-tumble girl, but a girl.

At eighteen months (sniff, sniff), Eden:

  • runs! She began the month with running downhill. Now, she simply runs. LOVE to watch her…she still looks like she’s perpetually falling forward…out of control…adorable.
  • says several words now! She speaks and signs at the same time…so I reckon she has about 80 words…as she can sign about 80 words. Hmph.
  • recognizes the letter O. Random…but she can do it.
  • likes to drink from a water fountain.
  • has discovered and loves Peek-a-boo Barn. (Thanks Aunt Christy.)
  • loves to wear beads and scarves. She holds her head up high…as if she knows there is something special about her when she is wearing accessories.
  • gave me an unsolicited kiss. Be still my heart.
  • blows her nose now. This makes life so much easier!
  • sleeps in a big-girl bed. Sniff, sniff. We thought it would help with travel…poor girl loves her crib. However, she transitioned flawlessly to the big-girl bed.
  • now answers “Yes” or “No” to questions…she signs and says the words…too cute.
  • asked to wear a specific shirt…this is a FIRST. She got a new shirt from the G’s and asked to wear it.
  • has learned fun new signs = “silly” and “grumpy”…we use both signs a lot.
  • searched through a book to find an elephant. Phil asked her, “Where is the elephant?”…she flipped through the book and found it.
  • likes ribeye steak…apple/tree.
  • enjoyed a visit with Papa and Lulu (Dad and Claudine).
  • walks backward.
  • enjoys the company of older boys…like three-year-olds. I hope and pray it is because they are more active, physical, and fun than little girls. That’s it…right? Right??
  • has created her own sign for fire-engine. She holds her ears.
  • puts her face against the items or people she loves. It is adorable.
  • has begun to sign “I love you.”
  • hugs me during a “Signing Time” song about love. Sigh.
  • is a vertical dancer. The girl does not sway side to side. Nope. She goes up and down, up and down.
  • likes Cholula on her beans. Go figure.
  • has an irrational fear of brooms and mops…we’re talking blood curdling screams. That gets me off the hook for a few years…no sweeping or mopping in these parts!
  • gets the biggest kick out of child-size chairs and tables.
  • has graduated from “Baby Signing Time” DVDs to “Signing Time” DVDs.
  • went on her first tw0-night camping trip. It was hot. It was very hot. I think she enjoyed it. I…uh…blek. Glad it’s over, that’s all I’ll say.
  • while on our camping trip, she used signs we did not know that she knew! For example…bug, plane, bug, bug, bug…and bug. (We experience a lot of bugs.)
  • gazes off…day-dreaming. Sigh. Love this girl…and her dreamy dazes.
  • has discovered “Melmo”…or as the rest of the world knows him…Elmo. I do not know how this happened…sigh…but I have resigned myself to her new found love…and have even purchased her a Melmo doll. Don’t judge.

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