Eden – Nineteen Months

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This has been an explosive month for Eden’s language. She babbles A LOT, mimics (which is so fun), and has over 100 signs under her belt. She talks and talks and talks…I have no idea what she is saying. Still, she lets out long strings of gibberish. She relies on both speech and sign to communicate these days. Both forms of communication are a bit tough to understand…but adorable all the same. At nineteen months, Eden:

  • uses the word “no” All. The. Time.  She says no even when she means yes…which is hilarious.
  • LOVES accessories, but has bracelet frustration as of late. She pushes them all the way up to her shoulder…and then gets mad when they “stop”. Not sure what the deal is…trying to push it around her neck? Anyhooo, I avoid giving her bracelets to avoid the tantrum. As for the accessories…she loves beads and scarves and shoes and hats and sunglasses (or eyes as she call them).
  • likes the name tag sticker that she gets at Sunday school. She does not like to have it removed…and so she wears it until I can sneak it off.
  • is fascinated with poo. She watches the dogs poo…and she likes to find poo in the yard. She does not touch it (thank you Jesus!)…just a new discovery.
  • speaking of poo, she is very interested in the potty these days. She likes to sit on hers…but not for actual use…yet. On recommendation, rented the Elmo Potty DVD…BIG HIT!
  • LOVES to wear my shoes. She’s getting pretty good at walking in my heels.
  • “signs” her abc’s when I sing the ABC Song. No…she is not really signing them…but she makes all kinds of finger motions…ADORABLE.
  • has amazing fine motor skills…or so I think. Phil and I watcher her repeatedly insert the little green “steam saver”/stir-er from Star Bucks into the tiny opening in the cup.
  • has a plane-fascination. She recognizes the sound and tries to spot the plane in the air. Smart girl.
  • has discovered the wonderful world of spinning…then trying to walk while dizzy.
  • traveled to Denver, Colorado to visit the Coplens.
  • experienced her first ear infection. She never complained nor pulled on her ear…her eye gave her away. Her left eye starting leaking then matting…lots of gunk. Laura told me it might be an ear infection…voila.
  • experienced her first trip to a med clinic. (We were in Denver when the infection was detected.)
  • was utterly and thoroughly traumatized by her trip to Denver…or was it the Coplens that traumatize her? The infection was perhaps part of the issue. My confident, independent girl became a clingy, weepy, screamy, cry-y mess. It was so sad. Bonus though, prior to the trip, she rarely uttered “mama.” During the trip, she screamed it night and day. Aside from the screaming, sweetest word I’ve ever heard. I’m saying now…you can remind me of this later…I will NEVER get tired of hearing her call me mama. There. I’ve said it.
  • picks up trash and puts it in the trash can…even trash that isn’t trash…or trash that she “creates” because all she has is a cookie…which is no longer “good” and must be thrown away!
  • experienced her first baptism…Scout’s. Beautiful experience for all of us.
  • did just one more summer camping trip. Seriously…that is IT til October…I think. I will say, the Bastrop area is very beautiful and refreshing.
  • likes child-size chairs and tables. Her favorite chairs are those green ones in the kids’ section at Barnes and Noble.
  • hung out with the Picciuti cousins…two days at Sea World. We (as in me and Eden) did not make it through a single show…but we did go up and downs the stairs plenty, sawlots and lots of birds, and made friends with the bubble guy. Bubble guy was a big hit. Shamu? Not so much.
  • has conquered her fear of brooms…drats. That means sweeping floors is back on my to-do list…or perhaps hers.
  • has bruises and scratches all over her legs…quite the go-getter.
  • wants Two-Two first thing in the morning. Her eyes open and she says “Two-Tw0?” What happened to “mama and dada”?
  • says “mama.” Oh, did I already mention that? Well she does. She says “mama.”

2 thoughts on “Eden – Nineteen Months

  1. Fine motor skills indeed… Do you know those stir sticks that are also the stoppers for a Starbucks cup of coffee? We watched as she, repeatedly, held the handle part of the stick, and inserted the tip back into the little tiny opening!

    • What sweetness. She sounds fun to be around. and I will remind you later on that Mama is the best word uttered ever.

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