Eden – Twenty Months

I know I said this last month, but it bears repeating. She is not a baby anymore. I noticed the other day, she has hair! She has a full head of hair. When did that happen? I remember wondering, “when will she get hair?” Well, she got it when I wasn’t looking!

Eden and Penelope
Eden and Penelope

Her favorite meal = tomato soup
Her favorite meal = tomato soup
Chillin' in her tent.
Chillin’ in her tent.
Happy girl!
Happy girl!
She likes to play "night-night".
She likes to play “night-night”.
A first? I'm not certain, but quite possibly her first popcorn...definitely her first popcorn on a train!
A first? I’m not certain, but quite possibly her first popcorn…definitely her first popcorn on a train!
Her favorite place to cool her feet = the dogs' water bowl.
Her favorite place to cool her feet = the dogs’ water bowl.
That face! That face!
That face! That face!

At twenty months, Eden:

  • enters into play with others…sometimes.
  • says “mmmwah” when she gives kisses.
  • says names! A few examples that have brought delight to friends and family = “Laura, Mindy, Brooke, Mae-Mae.”
  • had an amazingly fun play date with the Brouse kids, the Doorman kids, and the Davis kid.
  • loves Mason Davis. Loves him. Must get him to babysit in a few years!
  • says “Mama” when she is crying. This is so sweet and so heartbreaking.
  • uses “mama” as her soothing mantra. I love it! She’ll say it over and over…to calm herself.
  • has had another clingy month. Eh. I’ll take it.
  • noticed and played with her first real-live snail.
  • spent tooooo much time away from Phil this month. Phil was gone for a total of 17 days…not that I counted. Face Time on our iphones was a HUGE blessing.
  • spilled water and went to get a towel and wipe up the water…all on her own.
  • has ventured into “paper” books…though board books still rule in our house.
  • has what I call “dignified” fits. Nicole called it “oh, she’s doing the passive thing.” Whatever it is called, it is ADORABLE. When I tell her to do something she does not want to do, she simply goes limp, lays down, but often keeps eye contact with me…hilarious.
  • can blow bubbles with a bubble wand! The lovely and talented Christy Giamona was her teacher. Phil and I came home from a date to find the two of them in the backyard…blowing bubbles!
  • says “Oooone, Twoooooo, Threeeeeee” as Phil swings her in the air before throwing her on the bed.
  • puts on her own sunglasses.
  • is getting closer to actually swimming on her own.
  • recognizes the following letters – “O, E, S, M and Y”. Phil is responsible for this. Note, he has taught her all the letters for the word “Mommy”.
  • puts her finger over her lips and whispers “shhhhh” when we look for Phil.
  • recognizes some words from some of her books. She knows which page “No, no, no” is on in “Moo, Baa, La La La” and several of the words from “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?”
  • has moved from saying “Mama” and “Dada” to “Mommy” and “Daddy.”
  • suffered with a rash for two weeks before other mommy friends informed me that it might be a yeast rash. I thought a rash was a rash was a rash. WRONG. Got the right ointment and voila. Poor girl.
  • claps when she is sleepy but does not want to sleep. She is most likely to do this in the car seat.
  • knows and tells me when she needs a diaper change. She says “poo poo”. Ummm, this is often inaccurate, but whatever, it works for us.
  • knows about butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses…thanks to Jen Adams. How could I have forgotten such necessities? Anyhoo, she asks for such regularly now!
  • is talking more and more!