The-First-Day-of-School Tradition

Sweet Eden,

Since we have done the following every year of your life (all two times), it is officially a tradition. We live between an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school…about a 10 minute walk to each location. So, school is a pretty big deal in our little neighborhood. And since your mama is a BIG fan of school, the first day brings with it happy feelings and big dreams.

So, here is our tradition. We walk to the elementary school, check out all the excitement and action, talk to parents and students and teachers, breathe in the joy of sweet expectations, then walk back home. This year, we discovered a new facet for our little pilgrimage. The big church right beside the elementary school was offering coffee…YUMMY COFFEE…muffins, Rice Krispies treats, and friendly greetings. Me and you kiddo, we hung out and did what we do best…mommy drank coffee and chatted with the friendly folks while you explored the area. We got there late, so most of the goodies were gone, and all of the parents and students where in their appropriate locations. Next year, we are going early!

I love you, sweet girl. It is so fun creating memories with you.


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