Snap Shot – September in the Kiddie Pool

My sweet,

Everything around you is color and light. You are standing in your blue kiddie pool, wearing  your hot-pink cloth diaper, surrounded by water toys = a bright red bowl, a purple bowl, a red pitcher and several sponge paint brushes. Your arms have speckles of blue chalk.  The water is up to the middle of your delightfully chubby calves. You are standing with your back to me and I notice your very first freckle! It is just above your right shoulder-blade. Your back is a beautiful canvass – peachy skin with soft white fuzz, and that brand new freckle. You, my sweet, are utterly delicious. The curls at the nape of your neck are wet from all the water play. You are happy to just be. I am sitting in the sky chair, taking you in.


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